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  • How Can Bluetooth Beacons Revamp Contactless Payment


    The explosive growth of the mobile Internet has made contactless payment penetrate into our daily life. As expectations grow for secure and integrated payment for any service or product, so does the discussion around mobile payment. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, effective integration of contactless payment with the in-store experience has become a hot topic. […]

  • Top 10 Benefits of Leveraging BLE-Based Student Location Tracking


    Connecting everything is the ultimate and the most significant purpose of the Internet of Things, which has quietly made its way to every aspect of life with its infinite possible future. With the explosion of modern information technology, IoT solutions that serve smart schools have become the key to shifting the education industry. Bluetooth, one […]

  • 7 Best Practices for Deploying BLE Card Beacon


    Everyone should have heard the term Bluetooth, especially these days, when information technology is on a rampant march of explosive growth. BLE beacon has been deployed in the market for several years, and it has become the preferred choice for proximity sensing. The low power consumption and simplicity of Bluetooth, coupled with its widespread application […]

  • Bluetooth Beacon Trends Shaping the Smart Construction Site


    With the development of smart cities in full swing, the Internet of Things has penetrated into all walks of life and promoted the technological upgrading and transformation of traditional industries. It is also an inevitable trend to promote the construction industry with the help of IoT innovations. No industry is better suited for change than […]

  • Bluetooth vs WiFi: Which is Better for IoT Trend Settles


    In the context of the explosive development of the Internet of Things, the number of networked devices is increasing, and wireless communication technology is playing an increasingly important role in the Internet of Things. At present, the most commonly used wireless communication technology standards of the Internet of Things mainly include WiFi, Zigbee, and Bluetooth, […]

  • 7 Ways Beacons in Hotels Can Enhance the Guest Experience


    Beacons in Hotels Can Enhance the Guest Experience Technology has become downright personal. It will guide us on what to do, where to go, how to get there, and so on. Imagine that when you walk to the bus station, you will receive ticket and train information through your mobile phone; When approaching the exhibitions […]

  • Bluetooth Maximizes the Visibility of Connected Fleet Management Tracking


    Over the past decade, the explosion of technology has provided the world with a host of new tools and resources that, in turn, have brought countless benefits to various industries around the world. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a prime example of this, offering great scope for improving business operations, especially those involving fleet […]

  • Beacon Technology in Retail: What You Need to Know


    Imagine walking into a clothing store and discovering a pair of jeans you like is for sale. When you look down at your phone, a product notification just pops up, in which you are shocked to find that this pair of Levis jeans enjoy a 30% discount at the moment. More and more of this […]

  • How to Optimize Warehouse Management Solution with Beacon Technology


    Technology is driving businesses toward an era of greater visibility and automation of operations. Warehouse management solution has become an important component of enterprises, and it is a process of planning, organization, control and coordination for an enterprise to make full use of its storage resources and provide efficient warehousing services. As a link between […]

  • Beacon Technology Helps Prevent Cold Chain Break


    With the improvement of living standards of the people, more and more attention is paid to food safety and quality. Pretty much people will wonder why some frozen foods will deteriorate within the shelf life? Will the frozen dumplings sold in supermarkets be deformed? Even why some people are put at risk after eating frozen […]


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