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  • Beacon Technology in Retail: What You Need to Know


    Imagine walking into a clothing store and discovering a pair of jeans you like is for sale. When you look down at your phone, a product notification just pops up, in which you are shocked to find that this pair of Levis jeans enjoy a 30% discount at the moment. More and more of this […]

  • How to Optimize Warehouse Management Solution with Beacon Technology


    Technology is driving businesses toward an era of greater visibility and automation of operations. Warehouse management solution has become an important component of enterprises, and it is a process of planning, organization, control and coordination for an enterprise to make full use of its storage resources and provide efficient warehousing services. As a link between […]

  • Beacon Technology Helps Prevent Cold Chain Break


    With the improvement of living standards of the people, more and more attention is paid to food safety and quality. Pretty much people will wonder why some frozen foods will deteriorate within the shelf life? Will the frozen dumplings sold in supermarkets be deformed? Even why some people are put at risk after eating frozen […]

  • The Impact IoT Beacon Make In The Sports And Fitness Sector


    Technology innovation and development have brought mankind into a new era in which the traditional production and lifestyle have been profoundly changed. In the 21st century, smart IoT technology has begun to permeate almost every aspect of our lives, and the sports and fitness industry is not an exception. The IoT is a global technology […]

  • 8 Complete guide on Bluetooth Low Energy


    Have you ever wondered how smart devices can discover each other, query for services, and share information? With the explosive growth of IoT technology, this phenomenon can be seen everywhere, and a bunch of smart personal devices has also emerged. It could be interesting to know how your fitness tracker can share information with your […]

  • Why Use Panic Alarm System?


    On the news, we can always see reports about campus violence, bank hijacking, indoor burglary, lone elder die for months at home,etc. Making emergency calls manually is no longer enough because the phone may not be carried and calls are sometimes not allowed. By contrast, panic Button devices, which can trigger a panic alarm system […]

  • Why choose Bluetooth IPS among the 8 indoor positioning system?


    Positioning system has penetrated into all aspects of our life, among which satellite navigation and geographic data technology is the most mature positioning technology. However, these technologies are more suitable for use in the open outdoor environment due to the block of indoor building materials, which result in poor signal, that’s why the indoor positioning […]

  • What’s Involved in Bluetooth Advertising?


    BLE advertising is an important part of Bluetooth low power technology. Whether it’s a beacon that sends weather, location, or a fitness tracker that’s permanently connected to a host (phone or tablet), it all starts out as an advertising model. Knowing how to use ads correctly enables you reduce power consumption, increase the speed of […]

  • 10 Use Cases of Bluetooth iBeacon in Airport


    The development of smart airports has been spurred by the widespread use of smartphones and connected devices by passengers. According to SITA‘s Future Connected report,83% of passengers carry smartphones, which are used by airports and airlines to communicate with passengers. Innovative technologies such as NFC, QR code and Bluetooth iBeacon technology have made great achievements […]

  • Proximity Beacons Has Been Widely Used in Bus and Railway


    Bluetooth technology has permeated every aspect of our lives, such as your headphones, cell phones, laptops, and even the convenience of transportation. Bluetooth proximity beacon can help transportation agencies implement the next public transportation innovation. A growing number of cities have put Bluetooth technology on the road. For now, though, the focus is on reducing […]


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