Ngaahi Nāunaú

Beacons Markets

Beacons in Tourism & Travel

For the Tourism and Travel industry, customer acquisition is the key to success. With the use of Bluetooth® Low Energy beacon technology in the tourism and travel industry, it can enhance the visitor experience, improve the quality of the life of citizens

Beacons in Smart Retail

Beacons are tiny sensors that run on batteries to send Bluetooth Low Energy signals to mobile devices close by. The signals are received by devices that have the specific store app sending the signal. This allows the app uses the information
Beacon healthcare marketing background

Beacons in Healthcare

Hospitals always need to have vital information about their patients and medical staff at the right time, and when the data are urgently requested based on the circumstances. ʻI he founga ni, efficiency will be guaranteed. Bluetooth beacon is empowered

Ngaahi Maama ʻi hono Ngaohi ʻo e Koloá

Telia naʻa ke kau malohi ʻi he fakamaketi pe maʻu ha pisinisi ngaohiʻanga koloa, mahalo ʻokú ke ʻiloʻi ʻa e tekinolosia ʻo e Bluetooth beacon. The project beacon program launched by Google significantly improved the mobile visibility and experience

Beacons in Smart Home

Tech evangelists have done an incredible job to popularize Bluetooth Beacon Technology. As per the latest ABI Research, Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon shipments are speculated to surpass 400M units in the next 5 ngaahi taʻu! With their ability to automatize

Talanoa mo ha mataotao Bluetooth IoT

Aleaʻi Bluetooth maama, Module, mo hono fakaʻaongaʻi ʻo e huʻanga ngaahi meʻa mo e ngaahi meʻangaue Bluetooth angamaheni ki hoʻo ngaue IoT

Fakataimi-tepileʻi ha fakaʻaliʻ

ʻOku fakapalofesinale ʻa e MOKO ʻi bluetooth tekinolosia, Kaka ki he tumutumu ʻo hoʻo maketi mo ioT taukei

Fekumi ki ha tokotaha falalaʻanga Bluetooth IoT kautaha ki hoʻo ngaue IoT?