Ngaahi ngaue tokoni Kulupú Toe maʻuʻanga fakamatala

Beacons Solutions

Indoor Navigation&Tracking

We are living in a fast-pacing world with significant technological advancements, especially in the business world. For any business to compete favorably in this era, it should be more creative, competitive, and efficient

Bluetooth Proximity Marketing Solutions

Bluetooth Proximity Marketing

Rather than innovation, digital marketing has ultimately erupted as a graphic element of business development. The use of beacon devices is the most common proximity marketing strategy that

Point Of Interest

Gone are the days when people crowd around town maps and billboards to find their points of interest. With BLE beacon technology,citizens can quickly figure out the places they are interested in visiting

Muimuiʻi ʻo e kau ngaue

In recent times, beacons have percolated into peoples’ lives more than other technologies. These tiny devices are changing people’s living standards for the better each day. This technology plays a significant role

Beacon In Personal Items Finding

Beacon in Personal Items Finding

As BLE beacon technology becomes prevalent, it brings new innovative ways for personal item finding easily and quickly. It’s easy to locate your valuables within a physical space with beacons

Beacon in Smart Parking

Beacon in Smart Parking

In recent years, most cities are densely populated with more vehicles than ever before. ʻI he ʻuhinga ko ʻení, using advanced technology is vital to assist in planning. The commencement of beacon smart parking technology

Beacon Check In Solution

Beacon Check-In Solution

Beacon technology has found its way into automated check-in and check-out. Once integrated into your system, you can use it to know who clocked in/out of different rooms and addresses


Talanoa mo ha mataotao Bluetooth IoT

Aleaʻi Bluetooth maama, Module, mo hono fakaʻaongaʻi ʻo e huʻanga ngaahi meʻa mo e ngaahi meʻangaue Bluetooth angamaheni ki hoʻo ngaue IoT

Fakataimi-tepileʻi ha fakaʻaliʻ

ʻOku fakapalofesinale ʻa e MOKO ʻi bluetooth tekinolosia, Kaka ki he tumutumu ʻo hoʻo maketi mo ioT taukei

Fekumi ki ha tokotaha falalaʻanga Bluetooth IoT kautaha ki hoʻo ngaue IoT?