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The Background of About Us

MOKOBLUE is one unit from MOKOSMART, focus on the Bluetooth IoT business. MOKO is an original IoT manufacturer for Bluetooth smart devices, such as Bluetooth beacon, Bluetooth module, and gateway, etc.

Based on our professional Bluetooth engineer team, certified factory, and world-class customer support. We can provide innovative Bluetooth IoT OEM/ODM solutions.

Whether it is standard products, white label solutions, or customized products, our engineer team and the certified factory can respond quickly, speed your time to the market.


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Teamer AlexKe

Alex Ke


Teamer JadeLiu

Jade Liu

Sales Director

Teamer KevinHuang

Kevin Huang

Product Manager

Teamer ZhimingChou

Zhiming Zhou

Product Engineer

Teamer of HannahHuang

Hannah Huang

Project Engineer

Teamer of ChuanheLee

Chuanhe Lee

Software Engineer Lead

Teamer XiaoyuZheng

Xiaoyu Zheng

Software Engineer

Teamer YanshenLiao

Yanshen Liao

Software Engineer

Teamer ZhihaoLin

Zhihao Lin

Test Engineer

Teamer HongLiu

Hong Liu

Head of Quality Department

Teamer HuiLinWang

HuiLin Wang

WareHouse Supervisor

Teamer JieZhang

Jie Zhang

NPI Supervisor

Teamer JingLiang Lin

JingLiang Lin

Head of Engineering

Teamer PingJiang

Ping Jiang

Produce Manager

Teamer SongSongLin

SongSong Lin

Test Engineer

Teamer ZhongLiXiao

ZhongLi Xiao

PCBA Process Leader

Teamer YannieZhi

Yannie Zhi

PMC Supervisor

Teamer KaiserLee

Kaiser Lee

Marketing Manager

Teamer DorisZhao

Doris Zhao

Sales Specialist-Bluetooth Beacon

Teamer DoloresLi

Dolores Lee

Sales Specialist-Bluetooth Beacon

Teamer ivyZhou

Ivy Zhou

Sales Specialist-Bluetooth Beacon

Teamer CadyZhang

Cady Zhang

Sales Specialist-Bluetooth Beacon

Teamer SweetyLi

Sweety Lee

Sales Specialist-Bluetooth Beacon

Teamer BeckyWu

Becky Wu

Sales Specialist-Bluetooth Beacon

Teamer JaidenXu

Jaiden Hsu

Sales Specialist-Bluetooth Module

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