Our high-quality Bluetooth IoT products offer reliable, safe, and effective solutions to our customers.
MOKO has been in the electronic manufacturing industry for over 17 years. We are certified in BQB, IPC, UL, ISO14001:2015, and ISO9001:2015. We frequently test products through the manufacturing process for international quality and certification. All products will be certified in RoHS, IC, FCC, CE, ETL, and UL. We inspect all products for OEM and ODM standards. The quality will be inspected using specialized testing programs, custom precision instruments, and functional testing jig during manufacturing management. Our quality philosophy is achieving customer satisfaction through complete compliance with consumer desires while reducing the cost to maintain competitive pricing. Vendor selection is made by considering value-added services, regulatory status, capabilities, facility survey results, past performance of cost and delivery, and market feedback.


Additionally, the performance gets evaluated using the following criteria: customer service, corrective actions, warranty issues, responsiveness to material rejects, defect rates, sampling and first production yields, pricing management, and on-time delivery. MOKO IoT electronic manufacturing services and global supply engagements provide our clients with the experience to address business goals and project goals. The experience provided includes leveraging the knowledge of global supply and China supply sources, direct suppliers, distribution, build-to-order, sub-contracted commodity products, and raw materials. The relative qualifications and logistics for maintaining and establishing consistent quality supply relationships with MOKO Quality Management System can outline our supplier engagement and material management practices. Our certifications of UL, BSCI, ISO14001, ISO13485, and ISO9001 certifications can confirm our management executions. MOKO IoT OEM/ODM services provide high-quality products on budget. Whether your requirements are complex or discrete, we can build and deliver on time.
Our customers may need to start new manufacturing projects every year or only manufacture a few batches. In this case, we will train assembly workers before each new production starts. Professional and well-trained workers use the latest technology to ensure high-quality standards. And shorten the delivery time to meet your market plan, thereby improving competitiveness.




MOKO’s understanding of quality is characterized by achieving customer satisfaction and complete complying with customer desires regarding

  1. the correct mode of operation of products ordered
  2. in time shipment
  3. competitive costs charged

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