Indoor Navigation &Tracking Solution with Bluetooth Beacon

We are living in a fast-pacing world with significant technological advancements, especially in the business world. For any business to compete favorably in this era, it should be more creative, competitive, and efficient. However, even as they become more innovative, saving resources should also be their primary objective.

For this reason, there is the emergence of indoor navigation or indoor tracking solutions combined with various automation options. This technology is growing in popularity each year and is likely to become a significant trend in businesses and government soon.

This growth is also engineered by the fact that people spend 93% of their lives indoors. It can be in warehouses, shopping malls, houses, business premises, offices, and many other places where Global positioning system technology is essential.



Many organizations like supermarkets,exhibition centers,hospitals and warehouses don’t recognize the need to use global positioning systems indoors. They feel that managing and tracking employees, goods, and assets are easy.

However, these daily routines in the above organizations are tedious and time-consuming. For this reason, there is a need to utilize modern technologies. This can help save companies’ resources, time, and effort.

Inaccuracy of GPS Signals When Used Indoors

In recent years, GPS satellite technology has successfully revolutionized outdoor positioning. Almost everyone owns a smart device, for instance, a tablet and Smartphone, with such positioning potential. However, GPS signals are not reliable when used in narrow streets and indoors. They disperse and diminish in the surrounding walls and roofs, making it unpractical indoors.

Inddor NAVIGATION Solution

Successful indoor tracking is now possible thanks to technological advancements. Organizations can achieve this through the adoption of the following:

  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 4.0)
  • Radio Frequency Identification
  • Magnetic Field Detection
  • WIFI
  • Ultra-wideband
  • Near Field Communication
  • BLE beacons
  • iOS & Android
  • iBeacon & Eddystone

All these technologies vary in diverse ways: installation cost is different, some are more compatible and accurate than others, and their implementation efforts differ. However, BLE beacons’ advantages surpass the benefits of all the above tracking technologies.


Pros of BLE Beacons

For these reasons, BLE beacons become the best solution for accurate indoor tracking, especially where GNSS struggles. Generally, beacons have grown in popularity as indoor GPS, especially when there is a need for automatic positioning. This is due to their high accuracy and flexibility, which makes them reliable than other technologies.


How BLE Beacons Work During Navigation

When beacons are tagged on assets, people, or goods in a business premises, they keep transmitting unique signals from time to time. The GPS trackers then identify and read the signals. The FM devices then combine this data with GNSS location details and send them to the server for analysis. The dedicated software will then determine the people, assets, and goods’ location.


Beacon Indoor Navigation Services


Indoor navigation

With up to 150-meter accuracy, ble beacon is suitable for navigation in any size of the building. You can use your Smartphone to navigate various products and places like restrooms and parking areas.


Indoor notification

Stores can use beacon to notify you of the products with promotions and their location by sending the push notifications on your smart phones.


Tracking & monitoring

Track and monitor the movement of vehicles, people, and assets. When an asset is moved, or if an employee or visitor tries to access prohibited rooms, beacon will send notifications to management.



BLE beacons help the management to create analytics of visitors and employees’ movement. This is possible as the beacons observe people’s real-time movement and send push-notifications to the managers.

Where Do We Need Beacon Indoor Navigation

1. Hospitals

By utilizing BLE beacons with FM devices, it can be easy to manage visitors, patients, staff, and assets. The fleet managers can easily track ambulance vehicles’ movement, on-board patients, drugs, and medical equipment.

2. Schools

Installing BLE beacons in schools can help in tracking kids’ movements. This is essential as it ensures they are safe and secure within the school premises.

3. Shopping Malls

It’s crucial to install BLE beacons in business premises, stores, and shopping malls. They help in the following ways;

  • For store navigation in retail marketing
  • Improving customer experience through in-store conversion rates
  • Analyzing visitor patterns and showing areas they frequently visit.

4. Airports / Rail Stations / Trade Fair

Installing BLE beacons in these places is vital for various reasons;
  • Can help in managing visitors by tracking their movements
  • Help visitors navigate and locate specific venues
  • Improving visitor experience and engagement

5. Industries

BLE beacons are now prevalent in industries for the following reasons;

  • They help in employees, visitors, and asset tracking,
  • Help in knowing the staff attendance rate
  • They are used for safety reasons like restricting and monitoring employees’ movement in critical and prohibited areas.

6. Warehouses

Installing BLE beacons in all corners of a warehouse is a wise decision as you can easily track your goods and assets. This helps in detecting theft or fault merchandise handling in your store.

7. Multi-story car parks

Installing BLE beacons in large venue car parks, like in airports and stadiums, can help visitors navigate and easily find their way easily.

8. Universities

Indoor navigation is now widespread on campuses, and it helps staff members, students, and visitors to have a more personalized college experience.

Benefits of Beacon indoor navigation

Smooth the running of business

As BLE beacons can help track business assets, goods and personnel, all operations are smooth and effective. There is also maximum accountability of everything being monitored, hence maximum results.

Improve customer service

With BLE beacons installed in warehouses, hospitals, schools, airports, and shopping malls, visitors, students, patients, and shoppers can easily navigate and find their way. This improves user experience and company reputation.

Make businesses more profitable

Indoor navigation helps in proximity marketing which leads to maximum profits in businesses.

Avoid losses by tracking assets

BLE beacons can easily track the movement of goods and valuable assets in business premises. This helps in anti-theft protection, hence avoiding losses.

Enhance workplace security

BLE beacons help track and monitor employees’ and visitors’ movements in dangerous and prohibited rooms on any premises. This helps keep them safe and minimize workplace accidents and deaths.

Cost-effective and easy to install

BLE beacons are inexpensive, and you can install them quickly and easily. In case they are stolen or get damaged, it’s easy to replace them.

We offer solutions for any project

It’s easy to get the maximum value of BLE beacons in any size of a building. We can configure and customize them depending on your project application needs.

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