Beacons in Smart Home

Tech evangelists have done an incredible job to popularize Bluetooth Beacon Technology. As per the latest ABI Research, Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon shipments are speculated to surpass 400M units in the next 5 years! With their ability to automatize various tasks seamlessly, the Bluetooth beacons have been used in different sectors, and the Smart Homes Space hasn’t been left behind.Typically, the Beacon Hardware is installed in your home and stationed in a specific spot to send signals to connected devices. You’re supposed to set your rules prior to installing notifications/reminders to be conveyed to your smartphone via relevant applications.While many companies have ventured into this new space, MOKO remains the most well-established original manufacturer for Bluetooth beacons. We offer extensive smart home automation solutions bridging a wide range of gadgets to bring your home to life!If you’re among the high number of homeowners who want to transform their ordinary homes into automated adobes, read on to learn more on the 5 main home applications of Bluetooth Beacons

Creates an Automated
Home for You

How’ d you like to return home from work and get a warm reception with a mug of tea the way you like it? What is more, your home detects your presence and absence, switching on and off the lights for you and even turning on your entertainment system. Isn’t that a dream come true?

With the latest IoT implementations in-home automation, all that and more is now possible. Even better, you don’t have to break the bank to transform your simple home into an amazing smart living space. With the new affordable Bluetooth beacons like the H2 navigation beacon, you will receive notifications via your phone about things like when you leave your door unlocked, and more. All you need to do is install the beacons in your residence, and before you know it, you’ll have a smarter home in no time!

Create san Auto mated Home for You

Beef-up your security

Bluetooth beacons give you the ability to monitor your home remotely and even control your door locks. If it ever slips your mind to lock the door(s), a home beacon will naturally lock them, making your home safe from burglars. Not only that, but they can also unlock them whenever they detect your presence near the house. Beacons can also sense the presence of other individuals in your house and notify you immediately.

Bluetooth beacons like the H4 Sensor will use thermostats to monitor temperature increase in your house and alert you about smoke or small fires. This way, you can prevent any fire break out before it gets out of hand. If you care about your personal and home safety, better install Bluetooth beacons today!

Beef-up your security

Energy Conservation

As you work towards reducing your cost of living, Bluetooth beacons will come in handy. Beacons are not only pocket-friendly, but they are also the lightweight BLE transmitters you need to transform your regular home into an automated living space. They employ cheap infrastructure and hardware installation.

Moreover, utilizing beacons in your residence gives you an effective cost-saving tool on your energy bills. For instance, the beacons will automatically sense and switch on/off the light whenever you enter/leave a room. They can also switch off devices that may have been left on but not in use at the moment. Therefore, deploying Bluetooth beacons saves you money in the long-run.

Energy Conservation

Enable and Disable Devices in Your Home

Assuming you’re taking a bath and you’d like to listen to some music. If you have Bluetooth beacons installed in your home, you’ll be able to turn on the music system remotely and have fun. You have the power to turn on/off any device in your living space in consideration of your specific micro-location. What’s more, you can set notifications or reminders you’d like to get from your devices. This cuts across all gadgets, from entertainment to your security systems. For instance, you can instruct beacons to send you alerts/notifications whenever your coffee is ready or when you run out of eggs in the fridge-freezer.

Enable & Disable Device sin Your Home

Personalize Your Living Space

Bluetooth beacons act according to your will, except for giving you the vital controls. They use their iBeacon technology to study their user’s behavioral patterns like the type of coffee you like, your favorable light settings, select music type, tv shows, and more to give you a comfortable livelihood. You’ll also be able to assign specific assignments to particular Bluetooth Low Energy devices using the beacons installed in your house. This way, you can execute not only one task but many using different devices in your home while relaxing.

Personalize Your Living Space

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