Beacon Check-In Solution

Beacon technology has found its way into automated check-in and check-out. Once integrated into your system, you can use it to know who clocked in/out of different rooms and addresses. Here’s how:

What Are Beacons & How Do They Work?

how beacon work

i. Mount beacons on specific points either on the main entry, front desk or doorway of the office.

ii. Ensure employees have BLE enabled smartphones with an app continuously scanning for beacons nearby.

iii. When the smartphone detects a beacon, it triggers an experience in the app based on employee’s location.

iv. Employee’s smartphone sends a bluetooth signal to the cloud server in real time.

v. A report will be recorded whenever you clock in/out and compiled for decision making by the management.

What Can Beacon Check-In Solution Do for You?

With a beacon check-in solution in place, you can do any of the following:

Save money by eliminating tedious paperwork that would be necessary for traditional check-ins

Save time-No More Waiting Lines since bookings and check-ins can be made virtually by clients

Gather Data on Your Clients - You can improve your service by collecting the client suggestion from their check-in form

Pre-Arrival Upsell Marketing – Promote goods or services to clients in a way that doesn’t seem transactional

Smart check-in system – Convenient for HR on the management of check-in system

Those whose location have been recorded can be dispatched to the nearest venue that need their help


You could apply beacon check-in technology in:

beacon application in Hotel/Restaurants


Automated Room Assignment – Allowing clients to select a hotel room or get one automatically assigned after they check-in
beacon application in School


students check in and increased security by prevention of invaders or unauthorized individuals
beacon application in Industries


Employees check in help avoid long queues and time wastage in companies with many employees
beacon application in Events


No delay in lines during Check-in since preregistration, bookings and check-ins can be made virtually by entrees on their phones
beacon application in Mall- Upsell Marketing

Mall- Upsell Marketing

Use beacon check-in to send promotional messages of services your client or prospect shows interest in
beacon application in Hospitals


Use beacon check-in to reduce patient wait time, and increase staff efficiency. Emergency care is offered effectively and on time
beacon application in Airport


Beacon check-ins to help travelers check in for flights and download boarding passes using their mobile phones
beacon application in Retail


Automized payment process eliminating paperwork. Eliminate Human Error, e.g. misspelling names, misunderstood orders etc

What Does our Beacon Check-in Solution Involve?


An efficient beacon check-in system should seamlessly integrate the guest’s device with the property management system.

Collective Data Gathering

Your system needs to allow data access across multiple departments like room service and hotel management. This will let clients know of the available rooms during booking.

Instant Messaging

As guests enter your premises, they will receive a welcome message.

Mobile Keys

Hotels are transitioning between using traditional key cards to using access codes which allow clients to use their phones to open doors.

Payment Processing

As clients check out, the beacon system can facilitate the payments necessary in an automated way.

API, APP and SDK offered

Available for iOS and Android.


The firmware and enclosure Design can be customized as per your need.


Increased Revenue

You can quickly increase your sales while providing upsell during guest check-ins.

Better Client Satisfaction

self-check-in systems allow for personalized interaction with your guests without human contact, leading to better satisfaction.

Adherence to No-Touch Policies

With the numerous restrictions that came post-COVID, beacon check-ins will enable you to comply with the various safety policies in place.

Improved Staff Coordination

Since the check-in system does much of the reception work, you can relocate staff to places where they are needed.

Direct Booking

With an automatic check-in system in the service app, clients can handle booking and check-in themselves without a middle man.

Conflict Elimination

Since clients will directly request the services they require, there won’t be any conflict arising from a staff misunderstanding.

How to Rate the Success of Beacon Check-in Technology

It could be tricky to see whether automated check-in and check-out is improving your business. Fortunately, you can do by monitoring:

Client Interaction Time

With an automated reception process, your business should handle a more extensive customer base within a shorter time. As such, the time required to meet the needs of each guest should reduce dramatically.

Revenue increase

The various promotions you make as clients check in should lead to a better conversion rate for upselling, which means that your revenue should increase with each guest.

Client Satisfaction

Beacon check-in can improve communication and enhance customer retention in the long term. So, you should monitor client satisfaction using various forms on the app.

The Bottom Line

With an efficient beacon check-in and check-out system, you won’t need to overstaff or hire seasonal help. This is because this technology will take on some of your staff’s responsibilities while providing clients with a self-service experience. This will enable you to divert resources to more critical areas while cutting labor costs.

Additionally, it is an excellent means of optimizing revenue as the upsell promotions will enable your guests to choose products and services that add to their convenience. As a result, your sales will improve, and your business will grow.

By providing a self-service app, guests will book your services directly without going through any intermediaries. Your client will make the most suitable choices and will enjoy a customized service as a result. This will increase the number of repeat clients since you’ll be improving their experience.

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