Application of Beacon Smart
Parking Solution

In recent years, most cities are densely populated with more vehicles than ever before. For this reason, using advanced technology is vital to assist in planning. The commencement of beacon smart parking technology contributes significantly to cities’ optimization. This technology is also applicable in the following sectors:

How Does The Beacon Smart Parking Solution Work?

This technology works when there are beacon receivers in cities, universities, and enterprises’ parking areas. When drivers with beacon apps installed on their Smartphones or vehicles with beacon transmitters get near these parking lots, the nearest beacons locate the mobile devices and vehicles using BLE.

These devices will then broadcast signals to the cloud server. The data transmitted will contain the users’ ID numbers and the vehicles’ plate numbers. The beacons will decode the information and detect available parking spaces and identify the vehicles. They’ll then transmit their response to the users.

The drivers will then receive notifications with specific messages. They will then locate vacant or underused parking lots by clicking on the notification messages. In case of unauthorized parking, the municipal councils or management will receive pop-ups about this illegal parking.


Parking Management System Architecture

The architecture of parking management system has four primary responsibilities, as explained below:


The Beacon Transmitter

Having a registered beacon transmitter is vital before a motorist is allowed to use a smart parking service. To get this transmitter, the driver should register his/her vehicle. It’s then fastened to the side-mirror of your car, where it broadcasts beacon packets from time to time.
The beacon readers then detect and decode the transmitted data. These readers then identify the vehicle that sent the beacon packet by checking the Bluetooth MAC address as it is fixed for every vehicle.

The Beacon Reader

For beacon readers to function as expected in smart parking, you should install them in every corner of a parking spot along the curb. They keep scanning for beacon packets from time to time with a particular UUID from a beacon transmitter.
For the process to continue, The UUID should match. Then the reader uses the Kalman filter to work on the beacon’s RSSI and estimate the distance. It then distributes the following information to the gateway;

  • The identified MAC address
  • The approximated distance
  • The detection time

The Gateway

Once the beacon reader provides the gateway with the necessary information about the parking spaces, it establishes those spots’ occupancy state. The gateway then determines the vehicle’s parking space by comparing each transmitter’s distance as measured by every beacon reader. Finally, the gateway transmits its findings to the parking server.

The Parking Server

The parking server’s function is to store the information about each parking space’s occupancy state and every parked vehicle’s identity. Once the management logs on to the parking server system, they can see all the real-time parking records. They can then produce the parking bills for all motorists electronically.


Motorists can effortlessly find their way to available parking spaces in towns, enterprises, and universities.

Reduces traffic jams in cities and crowded streets as drivers don’t park their vehicles anywhere like before.

This technology helps in increasing revenue as motorists utilize more parking areas.

It helps in time management. This leads to more productivity, especially in enterprises where employees no longer waste time locating vacant parking areas.

It makes the parking management system efficient.


detect any available parking spot
Our beacons have sensors that help detect any available parking spot.
scan beacons from vehicles
They have scanning capabilities. Therefore, they can scan beacons from vehicles.
bluetooth-enabled beacon
Their beacon sensors are Bluetooth-enabled. This enables them to configure and update software that identifies the driver and the vehicle through the mobile app.
beacon ensures secure parking
Our beacons use secure driver technology that enables various parking control applications.

How’s its Future and Impact?

It’s a fact that not all cities, campuses, and enterprises are fully utilizing beacons for smart parking. Nevertheless, an increase in vehicles and people will make cities worldwide embrace the beacon smart parking technology for optimization. This will lead to the following impacts;

Development of Smart Cities

Development of Smart Cities

As urbanization continues to develop, the demand for beacon smart parking will be high in the future. Embracing this technology will lead to a smart city in the following ways;
  • The parking lots in towns will be more utilized.
  • There will be smooth movement of people in streets and around the city.
  • There will be reduced traffic jams in towns.
  • Revenue will increase due to the utilization of more parking spaces. This means more development money in cities.

Development of Smart Infrastructure

The use of beacon smart parking will help generate more revenue for the municipality, universities, and enterprises. Due to parking areas’ efficiency, more motorists in towns and campuses will effectively use the parking lots. This will help increase the parking revenue, which will help in developing smart infrastructure.
Development of Smart Infrastructure
Will Promote City and Campus Life

Will Promote City and Campus Life

The utilization of beacon smart parking will help improve life, especially in densely populated areas. There will be no chance to park vehicles on streets, roadsides, and everywhere around the cities and campuses.Beacons will guide drivers to vacant parking lots, hence better utilization of these parking areas. This will help reduce traffic jams and accidents. For these reasons, there’ll be smooth movement of people around the cities and universities.

Our Beacons That Are Suitable For Smart Parking

The following beacons have additional sensors, support BLE 5, have scanning capabilities, operate at extreme temperatures, and are waterproof. These features make them suitable for smart parking. They include;

W3 Pro IoT beacon

H5 RFID beacon

H2A location beacon

W5 Wristband beacon tracker

What We Offer For Smart Parking

Smart parking spot sensors

Online platform with data analytics

BLE beacons for vehicle identification

Citizen mobile navigation application

API Integration mobile App

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