Beacons in Personnel Security solution

In recent times, beacons have percolated into peoples’ lives more than other technologies. These tiny devices are changing people’s living standards for the better each day. This technology plays a significant role in personnel tracking from shopping malls to schools, airports, and stadiums to workplaces and hotels.

Unlike GPS tracking technology, beacons are efficient in monitoring people’s movements, both indoor and outdoor. This tracking of personnel is in great demand, especially in industries, retail, and manufacturing companies. The technology ensures the safety of employees, optimization of work processes, and smooth business operations. It offers a more ethical way to monitor employees in workplaces.

Applications of Beacon on Personal Location Tracking

In Health Centers

In Health Centers

Hospitals are now embracing beacon technology for various reasons:

  • For the easier location of patients, especially those suffering from dementia
  • Locating more nurses, particularly during emergencies
  • Monitoring patients’ and visitors’ movement to prevent them from accessing restricted rooms
  • Tracking and finding doctors, nurses, patients, and other staff members during an evacuation
beacons in Schools


Using beacons to track and monitor students’ and pupils’ movements in universities, high schools, and elementary schools is widespread globally. The education sector has embraced this technology to:

  • Tracking and monitoring students’ and pupils’ movement around the school compound
  • Preventing pupils and students from accessing dangerous areas
  • Tracking students who are absent from school or class
  • Knowing the number of students hanging out in the compound and restrooms
beacons in Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls

The use of BLE beacons is now prevalent in supermarkets and large stores. The management uses this technology for:

  • Tracking and supervising the movement of employees
  • Monitoring in-store customers
  • Preventing personnel and in-store clients from accessing prohibited areas
  • Reducing theft cases in the store by monitoring in-store people movements
  • Locating workers and customers for easier evacuation during emergencies
beacons in Construction Sites

Construction Sites

Beacon technology should be a necessity in construction sites for the following reasons:

  • Tracking and locating movement of on-site people for safety purposes
  • Monitoring real-time attendance of workers
  • Minimizing accidents by preventing clients and visitors from accessing complex and dangerous equipment
beacons in Oil and Gas Industries

Oil and Gas Industries

BLE beacons are essential in the oil and gas industries for handling complex tracking and monitoring of personnel. They help improve the safety of all workers by locating them in real-time. This technology ensures effective emergency response by locating and evacuating everyone on site.
beacons in Manufacturing Firms

Manufacturing Firms

In food manufacturing firms, using beacons to locate employees is helpful in the following ways:

  • To track possible contamination incidences by staff
  • Managing the workforce by monitoring their movements in and out of the premises
  • Ensuring smooth operations by monitoring the whereabouts of employees

Benefits of Personnel Security & Tracking with Beacons

Improve productivity

Improve productivity

Beacons help employees to be more productive as they are aware that their supervisors are monitoring them.
Time-saving on check-in

Time-saving on check-in

The beacons automatically record the information of employees, hence no need for queuing to check-in.
Accurate attendance management

Accurate attendance management

They help save businesses millions of money as employees cannot claim overtime payment for days they are absent.

Reduce accidents in workplaces

The management prevents personnel from accessing rooms with dangerous chemicals or equipment by monitoring their every move.

How to Setup People Tracking Beacons

Setting up people tracking BLE beacons begins on a system administration and management dashboard or control panel provided by the beacons tracker. Follow these steps for successful setup:


Once you complete the above setting, you can set up the actual tracking application through the following steps:

Configure all the beacon identifiers you’ll be using and their advertising frequency.
Record them using the dashboard. This helps associate each identifier with the people you want to track.
Attach the beacons to your employees’ IDs and ensure they carry them all the time at work.

Bluetooth Beacons for Enhancing Personnel Security

W3 Pro IoT beacon

This is a detachable and push-button wristband beacon used in hospitals for personnel and patient tracking. It also helps make emergency calls.

W5 wristband Beacon Tracker

This beacon has a rechargeable Li-battery. It has a USB port for charging. It has a mechanic button that patients and nurses can use to trigger emergency calls when in hospitals.

H2A location beacon

You can use this beacon for indoor personnel tracking solutions. It’s waterproof and has push buttons that can trigger notifications when a user is near them.

H5 RFID beacon

This is an IP67 waterproof beacon with additional motion sensors that can help trigger notifications when a user is nearby. It has a push-button that people can use for emergency calls.

Advantages of Choosing Our Beacons for Personnel Tracking

Our beacon technology provides the most effective and reliable low-power tracking beacons.

Our ID engineers provide the best and durable beacon case or enclosure designs depending on where you’ll install the tracking beacons.

We provide the most reliable and scalable tracking beacons as our engineer team is specialists in designing the hardware.

Our beacons are waterproof, hence durable.

We offer USB beacons that are easy to deploy.

We provide the most efficient tracking beacons with dependable firmware from our software professionals.

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