Beacons in Manufacturing

In case you are an active participant in marketing or possess a manufacturing business, you may be aware of the Bluetooth beacon technology. The project beacon program launched by Google significantly improved the mobile visibility and experience of companies by sending free beacons. Since its debut in 2013, the Beacon technology comes a long way and is still expected to keep on growing. The Global Market Insights anticipated that by 2024, the Bluetooth beacon technology is likely too immensely surpass the $25 billion mark. In the coming years, Bluetooth beacon technology is expected to play a vital role in the manufacturing landscape as it has many potentials.MOKO Technology has different ranges of Bluetooth beacons, offering the finest sets for indoor navigation tracking resolutions. In this article, we will explore the applications of Bluetooth beacons in manufacturing, including; employee and asset monitoring, resource optimization, data generation, marketing, safety and security monitoring, production monitoring, and Indoor location.

Asset tracking and management

When it comes to Asset tracking and management, Bluetooth Beacons play a very significant role. The Bluetooth beacon technology assists warehouse workers to acquire real-time data and closely monitor the shipment of goods from one location to the other. BLE beacons enable owners to carefully identify all the transported goods and those waiting for transportation. Moreover, with a BLE beacon, it is easier to effectively monitor expensive goods hence reducing the risk of theft, misplacement and mismanagement to a large extent. Also, the BLE beacon technology greatly enhances digital monitoring where all employees are kept up to date with incomplete orders or the goods sent to the wrong destination. It also enables the managers to differentiate the new and old stock.

Asset tracking and management

Safety and security monitoring

Bluetooth beacons ensure instant tracking of goods’ flow during the distribution stage, increasing security by offering real-time information. Not only do Bluetooth Beacons offer locations for goods and orders, but they also provide a place for unassembled parts and tools. Therefore, this methodology can be used by manufacturers in supporting labour to locate the equipment needed in the production stages quickly. The issue of overstocked and understocked commodities is countered by the real-time inventory, thereby facilitating an increase in the production flow. With BLE beacons, employees have more access to the information regarding the availability of goods, quantity and location. Close monitoring of goods and commodities in workplaces minimizes frauds and thefts.


Analysis And Data generation

When compared to other proximity marketing technologies, Bluetooth Beacons technology leads immensely to analysis and data generation. The beacon-based marketing contextual approach does not only help in data gathering but also enables someone to procure ‘convertible leads.’ With a convertible leads list in the manufacturing business, the chances of marketing wastes are very minimal. In terms of relevance, it has been noted that beacons are more articulate than Google Ads. The BLE Beacon technology enables beacons to deliver a higher click-through rate (CTR), 16 times better than Google. In both quality and quantity, it is undoubtedly that beacons are the lead analysis and data generators for almost all kinds of businesses.

Analysis and Data generation

Production monitoring

Increased productivity of goods and products in the world of cumulative automation has been significantly contributed by the demand meant to eliminate inefficiencies. Managers can use beacons to monitor their goods’ production in real-time as they move through the plant. A specific signal set up by the Beacon is transmitted to the manager’s device showing all the measurements for a particular section during the manufacturing process. This permits managers to effortlessly diagnose and address any challenge that may arise in real-time on location.


Asset monitoring and Employee attendance tracking

Tracking the attendance of employees and monitoring assets manually is an inefficient and labour-intensive way. iBeacon technology enables managers to quickly and accurately track their employees’ current location with no much struggle. Some other benefits of tracking assets in manufacturing businesses using the iBeacon technology are;

– It raises the optimization of equipment
– It minimizes over-purchasing and the costs of renting equipment
– It improves the business work-flow by decreasing the search and waiting time for ordered commodities
– It automates the management of the inventory
– It reduces the probability of shrinkage or loss of equipment

Asset monitoring and Employee attendance tracking

Resource optimization

Resources in a manufacturing business can be optimized by Beacons. For instance, some business managers use beacons to trace front-line staffs and assign them errands bases on their location at that particular moment. This gives customers a great experience right from the production to the distribution stage.



Manufactures who use Beacons during marketing can interestingly and uniquely engage with their clients. Over 50 per cent of the top 100 companies are using beacon technology to carry out marketing in their stores, with the numbers predicted to rise in the near future. The BLE Bluetooth technology aids clients to receive customized user experiences such as suggestions and discounts. Different brands are taking the steps in trying out new marketing techniques to excite and attract clients.

Beacons offer interactivity between clients and retailers at the perfect time. More clients have the will to integrate their shopping experiences by using mobile devices. The additional value presented to final consumers is the most significant determiners of the success of beacon marketing.


Indoor location

Assets within a premises, web or mobile can be found by using BLE beacons easily. Indoor navigation offers high chances of the accuracy of a conclusive advantage when using Beacons as they are the corporate transmitters in client-based techniques. For instance, airlines permit indoor navigation for their passengers utilizing an application. Third-party components such as Cisco and Aruba are used in the server-based beacon in tracking goods and people.

Motion, air pressure, magnetism, light and temperature humidity are all detectable by beacon sensors. This all makes the Bluetooth beacon technology effective in manufacturing industries, retails, homes, health care and offices. Manufacturing businesses engage with their online clients effectively by combining the BLE beacon technology with social media.


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