Beacon in Agriculture

IoT agriculture has been one of the most exciting topics in recent years, it’s high-tech for bringing out efficient output and eliminating waste in management. A growing population, severe global warming, and increasing constraints make smart agriculture a necessity for farm operators. Just as car developers are forced by regulations to produce alternative-energy vehicles, agriculture will find itself in need of smarter tools. First, smart farm tools can bring new ideas to agriculture. By offering new possibilities and opportunities to use connected farming tools, the industry can reignite interest and drive new solutions and possibilities. But how can the Internet of Things realistically help agriculture? Over the past 10 years, our IoT agriculture solution has evolved from good science to good practice and has seen unprecedented growth globally,70% ~80% of the farmers apply our Bluetooth beacons in their routine management.


Bluetooth Beacons and tags only send a series of simple recognizable numbers and data however, when paired with smart software and applications, they can perform more tasks. Sensors embedded with Bluetooth tags can measure motion, light and other types of valuable information. This information can be attached to a trigger that triggers an action to take the appropriate next step when the beacon-related platform notices a change. For example, if the brightness is too high or too low, or the device is moving at an abnormal speed, then the trigger will reports to the manager and makes optimization possible.

Beacon in agriculture - AUTOMATIONS AND TRIGGERS


Many crops cultivation needs a constant temperature and humidity, and some enterprise will also invest large money on greenhouse, but with our Bluetooth beacon, perfect growing environment outdoor is possible, you can set the maximum and minimum values of temperature and humidity on the software, once the temperature and humidity exceeds the limits, the gateway will receive the signal and reported to the manager, whom can check the cause of abnormal value in time to avoid crop necrosis or undesirable development. Similarly, this function can be applied not only to crops, but also to pasture. With comfortable temperature and humidity, livestock will have a better growing environment, thus reducing mortality and achieving greater reproductive capacity.If there’s bluetooth plug socket amounted, then the temperature can also be reset automatically to a required value.



In large ranches, each farm is managed by a corresponding employee. By tracking the bluetooth beacons that employees wear, you can know their attendance records and know exactly if they leave their posts, employees can also seek for instant assistance by pressing the SOS button if there’s emergency.

Beacon in agriculture - STAFF MEMBER TRACKING


A key component of bluetooth beacon in agriculture solution is asset tracking. In agriculture, some equipment and commodities are of high value. Tractors, for example, are expensive, and every movement of a product through space should be tracked to make sure there are no problems and that every resource is being used efficiently. Typically, trucks carrying and delivering goods can be tracked, measured and even located. The movement of crops from the field to the barn and beyond can be tracked and recorded. This means that operators have the ability to monitor their goods and know that they are en route, misplaced, or being used incorrectly, and even livestock can be tracked.

Beacon in agriculture - ASSET TRACKING


In agriculture, the Internet of Things is just the beginning. All of this movement produces data, and that data means better long-term results. It allows managers to get more crops. These numbers can tell exactly what happened if there was a bad harvest or a good harvest. This means that farmers can spot problems in time and update their practices regularly. The data also enables managers to quantify the exact information about crops. Marijuana growers, for example, have several legal restrictions on how they can grow their product. Bluetooth beacon technology not only allows them to keep track of their plants, but also to prove quantitatively that they are complying with the protocol.

Beacon in agriculture - DATA GENERATION