How effective is Beacon in Bluetooth
Proximity Marketing Solutions

Rather than innovation, digital marketing has ultimately erupted as a graphic element of business development. The use of beacon devices is the most common proximity marketing strategy that most mobile marketers apply to target potential users. Beacons are increasingly becoming more popular as they help retailers increase their sales volume and conversion rates. MOKOblue has an evolved category of beacon proximity marketing solutions that are in a significant way assisting retailers to communicate with consumers at the right time and the right place. This is done in relevant and personalized notifications. Invest in beacon proximity marketing solutions and get to know their effectiveness.

Different Proximity Marketing Solutions

Beacon Based Solutions

Transmits signals to mobile devices using Bluetooth

The technology requires integration into I.T. systems of the business

Sends notifications to the customer’s Smartphone

NFC Based Solutions

Transmits signals using the NFC based system

Do not require integration into I.T. systems of the business

Notifications are only sent to NFC-enabled smartphones

Wi-Fi Based Solutions

Signals are transmitted using the local Wi-Fi network

Requires integration of the technology into I.T. systems of the business

All notifications are forwarded to the customer’s Smartphone

RFID Based Solutions

Signals are transmitted using radio frequencies

Do not require integration into I.T. systems of the business

Sends notifications in an RFID chip

QR Code Based Solutions

Transmits signals using quick response codes

Do not require integration into I.T. systems of the business

Sends notifications to the customer’s Smartphone

Advantages of Bluetooth Beacon
Proximity Marketing Solution

Some of the main benefits of beacon proximity marketing solutions are:

Customer Engagement

More than 75 percent of clients have their smartphones installed with an application that avails their shopping experience.

Customer Insight

Beacon proximity marketing enables users to identify their customers as all information is gathered at the end of the day. This can help shop owners to drive into future visits of their customers.

Customer Personalization

The information gathered by beacons can help store owners to identify their frequent customers who can be hyper-customized with higher discounts as a form of gratitude. This increasingly doubles the number of customers who engage with the store.

Higher Conversion Rate

Naturally, most customers are motivated to buy where their interaction with the facility is customized and recorded. This converts the rate of engagement to buying.

Mass Personalization

Beacon proximity marketing solutions reduce any chance of confusion or miscommunication as every customer's data is personalized and scrutinized digitally.

Challenges of Using Beacons for Proximity Marketing

1. Beacons Do not Operate on their own

Beacon proximity marketing requires customers to have an application installed on their smartphones. This application catches all information emitted by the beacons. A more complex interaction from a customer is needed during the process.

3. Beacons are Cost-Inefficient

For better results, more beacons are required in a facility as beacons do not provide accurate location coverage. This is quite expensive as more money is needed to buy these beacons.

2. Difficult to track movements

Only when a customer has their mobile device with them is when a beacon can track movements. Also, the mobile device must be switched on, their Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options enabled and installed with the application. Hence, it is much difficult for a beacon to send signals based on a customer’s movement.

4. Security Limitations

Not all customers are comfortable with someone logging in and accessing their information and preferences. It is vital for proximity marketing to be safe and secure. Also, since it is easy to duplicate beacon signals, customers become more vulnerable to spoofing.

A Total Solution of Advertising Beacons from MOKOblue

We not only displays advertising in response to beacons proximity marketing. It also offers diverse, complete, business-scale solutions such as:

Eddystone, iBeacon, and NFC based proximity solutions

Eddystone, iBeacon, and NFC based proximity solutions

Integration with POS systems

Integration with POS systems in generating, distribution, and redemption of smart coupons

Visualizing of campaign statistics

Visualizing of campaign statistics, for instance, in the exportation of APIs to CRM systems

Incorporation of proximity marketing with hefty-format digital media screens

Incorporation of proximity marketing with hefty-format digital media screens

Retargeting advertising

Retargeting advertising

Application of Beacon Proximity Marketing in Industries

Beacon proximity marketing in industries is in the level of personalized content delivery. Some of the significant beacon proximity marketing use-ceases in industries include;

Informing Shoppers

Beacons in industries are used to share any information that relates to a specific object or place.

Boosting sales in an industry

Beacons raises awareness regarding discounts and on-going promotions. This increases the number of customers visiting the store hence boosting the sales.

Engaging and interacting
with shoppers

Beacons enables customers to have a more personal, engaging, and customized experience. This motivates them to visit any section in your store frequently.

Use Cases of Beacon Proximity Marketing

Gatwick Airport - London UK

Gatwick Airport - London UK

Over 2000 beacons were installed around the airport to upgrade and modernize the infrastructure, costing £2.5 billion. These beacons enable the airline to ease communication with passengers.

Hilton Hotel - U.K

The Hilton Hotel in the U.K. rolled out the beacons all over their hotels in 2017. This beacon technology which works with the Hilton Honors Application, enables effective use of digital keys. Using the app, a client can not only book a room but can as well conveniently open their room doors.

Hilton Hotel - U.K
National Railway - India

National Railway - India

In India, beacons have been placed all around the railway stations covering more than 70,000 miles of track. People close to the stations receive notifications, alerting them of how they can access free Wi-Fi with ease.

Bus Stops - Trieste, Italy

Various bus stops in Trieste, Italy, have beacons installed as a project of proximity marketing. All individuals who are within 20 meters of the beacon receive notifications on important local information.

Bus Stops - Trieste, Italy
Makelaarij Hoekstra - Netherlands

e)Makelaarij Hoekstra - Netherlands

Beacons have been deployed in this Dutch real estate agency. All their offices in its 4 locations have working beacons near the offer’s properties with a “for sale” sign. All information, image, and tour guide regarding the property are sent out to people in the form of notifications.

How Beacon Proximity Marketing Works?

A retail store will be used to help us better understand how proximity marketing effectively works.

  • First, beacons with on-going offers are erected at the store’s front.
  • The BLE beacons transmit signals which have a combination of characters and numbers in their range.
  • A Bluetooth-enabled mobile device that is within the transmitting range detects any signal released by the BLE beacons.
  • An identification number attached to its relevant signal is sent to the cloud server by the mobile device.
  • The server responds accordingly after checking the action assigned to that particular I.D. number and gives a notification. The action can be about a discount, feedback, or a product launch.
  • Customers then use these notifications to follow a webpage, form, or markdown card that works as a website substitute.

Setting up a Beacon Proximity
Marketing System


Determine the beacon that appropriately suits your business

It is appropriate first to pick the beacons that are right for your business. Mokoblue

has the best field test beacon hardware options consisting of all-purpose indoor beacons, pocket beacons, keychain beacons, and powerful long-range beacons.



Plan the beacon deployment tactic

What the business aims to achieve predominantly affects the deployment tactics of beacons. However, industries can use the tips below when deploying beacons.

  • Beacons must be placed with a maximum reach of 4 to 7 ft above the crowd level. They can also be installed on ceilings.
  • Beacons should be placed in areas with fewer movements or in locations with a high wait time.
  • Place the beacons vertically to get better results. Also, establish a line of sight between the users’ phone and the beacon.


Establish an URL

A custom URL, a markdown card, or a form receives all signals transmitted directly by beacons.



Use a beacon to allocate

Use the transmitting beacon to assign the custom URL, the form, or the markdown card.



Generate a notification

All BLE beacons developed by MOKOblue allow notifications to be created in multiple languages. This enables marketers to target clients in the language they prefer.


With beacon technology, you can easily interact with your clients at the point of decision where it matters most.  MOKOblue is one Bluetooth beacon marketing company, enables you to drive the customer’s loyalty and boost your sales with proximity-based marketing. Every connect series of our refrigeration controllers are well equipped with Eddystone and iBeacon proximity marketing solutions. We connect your digital marketing initiatives with these beacons using our back-end tools. Visit us and boost your sales to the next level.

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