Mokosmart Joins Cisco DNA Spaces to Expand Use Cases for Customers

Mokosmart Joins Cisco DNA Spaces to Expand Use Cases for Customers

Shenzhen, China – January, 29th, 2021 – Mokosmart today announced a new product to enable location-based solutions built on the Cisco DNA Spaces platform.

Mokosmart is an original IoT manufacturer in China, which started in 2007 with OEM/OEM services. Since 2016, Mokosmart provides enterprise Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) IoT solutions from asset tracking to proximity marketing. Mokosmart has a wide product portfolio, helping customers achieve different use cases. This is accomplished through a complete set of firmware, hardware, and enclosure structure development services based on BLE, RFID, NFC, and LoRaWAN technology.

Cisco DNA Spaces is a powerful, end-to-end, indoor location services cloud platform that provides wireless customers with rich location-based services. It delivers the industry’s most scalable location-based platform, compatible across existing Cisco Aironet®, Cisco Catalyst®, and Cisco Meraki® infrastructure, as well as select Cisco Collaboration endpoints, with flexible deployment options. Cisco DNA Spaces offers a pre-integrated IoT Device ecosystem, available in the IoT Device Marketplace, allowing Cisco DNA Spaces to deliver a true out-of-the-box and end-to-end IoT experience to joint customers.

“Cisco DNA Spaces provides an end-to-end BLE management ecosystem to help customers implement their solutions. By breaking down these proprietary IoT barriers, it is a large leap in IoT services. We believe it will greatly improve our customers’ experience, and provide a platform we can continue to build on to solve new use cases and reach new customers.” – Jade Liu, Product Manager Mokosmart.

Mokosmart’s partnership offers key benefits to our joint customers:

  • Value:Mokosmart provides quality products at affordable prices to help Cisco customers expand their IoT solution across all campuses.
  • Variety: Mokosmart has a wide product portfolio, helping our customers achieve multiple industry use cases. Temperature and humidity sensor will be added soon.
  • Modern:Mokosmart brings products to the IoT Device Marketplace from their modern PCB Manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, China.

“Mokosmart is a key member of our ecosystem, helping Cisco customers scale their IoT solutions in education, healthcare and workspaces. Because each device works with any application in the Cisco DNA Spaces App Center, and is managed and monitored through the Cisco DNA Spaces cloud, customers have the freedom to choose the right solutions without worrying about interoperability or learning to use new tools. We look forward to onboarding additional products as we further this long-term relationship” – Lucas Hanson, Sr. Product Manager Cisco DNA Spaces.

Cisco DNA Spaces is the backbone that, combined with Mokosmart, will enable our customer’s success in IoT solutions including:

  • Patient Flow: Hospitals can track patient flow with the affordable Mokosmart wearable H3 card tags and keep employees and patients safe by empowering them to discreetly notify security in an emergency.
  • Asset Tracking:Workspaces can now track, inventory, and prevent theft of high value assets with the newly added M1 tag.
  • Wayfinding:With Mokosmart’s H2 Location Beacon, customers can extend their wayfinding solution.


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