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  • What is Beacon Bluetooth Module?


    Currently, there are many innovative products on the market that support different Bluetooth standards. Incorporating any aspect of a Bluetooth module into a Bluetooth beacon has come a long way. The communication standard and protocol used are critical when choosing the right Bluetooth module for your beacon. In this post, we’ll explore the definition and […]

  • All About Eddystone Beacon


    Beacons are noticeable intercontinental gadgets designed to bring attention to a specific point or location. When you clock back to the first millennium, a beacon originated from an old English word that meant “light.” Later, things like the lighthouse were used as beacons for port navigation. As time passed, modern beacons like the radio beacons […]

  • All you need to Know about Beacons


    Technology enables us to interact with various activities each day without even questioning. I.e., when turning on a car, flipping on a switch to turn on light bulbs, and when a Wi-Fi signal promptly enables internet browsing. These simple things become connected through a technology called Bluetooth Beacons. In this article, we will discuss the […]