What is Beacon Bluetooth Module?

What is Beacon Bluetooth Module?
What is Beacon Bluetooth Module

Currently, there are many innovative products on the market that support different Bluetooth standards. Incorporating any aspect of a Bluetooth module into a Bluetooth beacon has come a long way. The communication standard and protocol used are critical when choosing the right Bluetooth module for your beacon. In this post, we’ll explore the definition and features of beacon Bluetooth module along with some Bluetooth modules and beacons designed by MOKOBlue. Let us begin:

An introduction to beacon Bluetooth module

The beacon Bluetooth module is a set of hardware transmitters capable of broadcasting their identity to nearby devices. They are powered by batteries and use Bluetooth low energy (BLE) that easily aids in the transition of signals to receiving devices or systems with BLE scanners within a certain range. They serve as a communication bridge by making a connection between the digital and physical worlds to those carrying enabling devices.

It utilizes the BLE proximity sensing to broadcast a generally distinct identifier that is picked up by the app or operating system that has the same compatibility. The distinct identifier and several bytes sent with it are then used to determine the physical location, track down customers or initiate other location-based actions, and lots more.

The Bluetooth beacon majorly consists of:

  • A small microprocessor (CPU)
  • A battery (usually small Lithium chip batteries)
  • A radio

Cases of Bluetooth beacon modules:

Since its inception, Beacon Bluetooth Modules have been used in multiple capacities and for different purposes. Not only can be used in various IoT devices such as sensors and actuators, BLE modules can also be used in fitness, healthcare, home entertainment and beacon applications.

Bluetooth beacons for proximity marketing or indoor navigation purposes have been widely embraced by various retail organizations, primarily as a means of pushing promotional offers and notifications to customers via their smartphones. Other applications include Donald Trump’s digital election campaign and Nagoya University Hospital using Bluetooth beacon technology to provide better services to patients.

Features of the beacon Bluetooth module

  • It can link up with any BLE-enabled device
  • They are easy to install and cheap
  • The cost of maintenance is usually minimal
  • The bluetooth broadcast and scan protocol is used to communicate
  • Power energy usage or lesser power consumption
  • Guarantees long lasting usage

Functions of beacon Bluetooth module

  • For data collection and transmission
  • For the control of objects that are not within your proximity
  • For communication between devices (inter-device connectivity)
  • Certain tasks can be performed automatically with the help of the Bluetooth beacon module

A list of Bluetooth beacons made by MOKOBlue

  • M2 Asset Tracking Beacon
  • W5 Wristband Beacon tracker
  • W3 Pro Medical Beacon
  • H2A Location Beacon
  • H1 Keychain Beacon
  • H2 Navigation Beacon
  • H3 Badge Beacon
  • H4 Sensor Beacon

Bluetooth module selection for Bluetooth beacons from MOKOBlue

MOKOBlue is a widely known and trusted manufacturer of several Bluetooth modules. The Bluetooth beacon is one of such devices. Years of manufacturing quality products and highly effective products have made MOKOBlue one of the major Home of the beacon Bluetooth module.

Bluetooth module of mokoblue

  • MK01A (Nordic nRF52832 Ceramic Chip Antenna 10.0×10.0x2.0mm)
  • MK05A(Nordic nRF52810 PCB Antenna 21.0×13.8×2.3mm)
  • MK01-KIT (Bluetooth evaluation board Standard NFC Antenna 82.6×37.1×16.7mm)
  • MK15A (RTL8762CMF antenna 21.0×13.8×2.3mm) and several other Bluetooth modules.

Why Choose Our Bluetooth Modules for Your Beacons?

MOKOBlue not only provides high-quality Bluetooth products, but also offers a varied range of products to meet your specific needs. The MOKOBlue Bluetooth module allows you to provide the best possible service to your customers. We ensure that our modules and beacons will be of good quality, user-friendly, and long-lasting.

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