What is the Bluetooth Mesh Gateway?

What is the Bluetooth Mesh Gateway?
Bluetooth mesh gateway

The Bluetooth mesh gateway is a tool used to enhance the connection of Bluetooth mesh devices to the internet. Bluetooth mesh devices cannot access the internet directly, hence, there is a need for a device that combines communication and networking capabilities. The gateway allows the Bluetooth Mesh device to access the internet, enabling it to perform remote control functions. The Bluetooth Mesh devices connect to the server via Bluetooth and are unable to communicate directly with the server.

Technical features of Bluetooth mesh gateway

• It usually has a wireless connection indicator.
• It is combined with other Bluetooth SIG devices to provide a Bluetooth SIG mesh gateway which is an automatic scene application.
• A WiFi or mobile phone network is used to implement remote control on the smart life APP.
• A Bluetooth low energy (BLE) 5.0 module to handle all radio interactions.
• It has a power metering to monitor electrical distribution.
• It has no affiliation with Bluetooth Mesh devices
• It is highly receptive to commands sent from the cloud.
• An OTA firmware update which is characteristic of the IoT system.

Advantages of Bluetooth Mesh Gateway

• It facilitates remote access, that is, it reduces dependence on USB cables or wires.
• It accurately gathers data
• It provides security alerts through its multiple security features.
• It is cost-effective
• It helps in tracking viable equipment parameters.
• It also helps in provision of specific reports.
• It provides resilience through multiple paths.
• Strong outdoor performance that surpasses an outdoor range of 200 meters.
• Mobile phones can be used to control a single Ble mesh gateway and Ble mesh gateway behind the gateway.
• Instead of connecting each sub-device individually, allows users to connect several sub-devices at once.
• The SIG mesh standard protocols are used to design products into Ble mesh SIG gateway.
• Under typical circumstances, the gateway enables large-scale multicast.


Status indication2 LEDs
Operation key1 reset button
Power supplyDC5V Micro USB
Working current<1A
Working temperature-10-50°c
Working humidity10-90% relative humidity


Bluetooth mesh gateway can be used in:

• Home automation
• Industrial automation
• Smart lighting
• Asset tracking
• Proximity detection

Usage of Bluetooth mesh network gateway

• It saves effort and cost in asset management
• Proximity marketing in stores as iBeacons are synchronized with mobile devices of consumers.
• Monitoring of critical environmental parameters such as humidity and temperature.
• Monitoring of door locks and remote control in smart buildings.
• Senses and monitors medical devices such as glucose meters, oximeters, and dialysis machines.
• Used in the gym to monitor health and wellness equipment.

Main purposes of Bluetooth mesh gateway

• Firstly, the gateway should configure new relay modes.
• Furthermore, it should obtain mesh data by connecting to the closest relay mode.
• It should also send information regarding configuration to the mesh to filter sensor beacons.
• Finally, it should forward the sensor to the user’s server.

How does Bluetooth mesh gateway work?

The Bluetooth Gateway must be associated with a Bluetooth device to transmit data to the cloud from that device. The Bluetooth device is automatically registered by the gateway as soon as the correct pairing is completed. It delivers the endpoint data from the Bluetooth device to the server of the cloud.

It scans all available devices before it works. As soon as a device is found, all the characteristics and services become cached. The already cached data acts as the response to all HTTP requests.

how does bluetooth mesh gateway work

What is Bluetooth Mesh

Mesh networks are a type of local network topology wherein infrastructure nodes (such as gateways, switches, and other infrastructure devices) directly connect, flexibly, and non-hierarchically to as many other nodes as feasible and operate together to optimally transport data from and to users.

In July of 2017, the Bluetooth mesh specification was introduced with the purpose of expanding the range of Bluetooth networks and adding compatibility for new industrial applications that use Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Mesh is a network technology that relies on Bluetooth Low Energy.

What is Bluetooth Mesh



Difference between Bluetooth gateway and bluetooth mesh gateway

Despite the similarities in their processes, a Bluetooth gateway is different from a Bluetooth mesh gateway. A Bluetooth gateway connects Bluetooth-enabled devices to other devices or hardware. A stereo Bluetooth gateway, for example, connects a Bluetooth device to a portable or external audio source.

However, a Bluetooth mesh gateway solely connects Bluetooth devices to the internet.

bluetooth mesh gateway vs bluetooth gateway

What Bluetooth versions support mesh networking?

In 2016, Bluetooth specification, that is, Bluetooth 5 mesh gateway was unveiled as an upgrade to the existing version (4.0). These superior features such as improved speed, improved range, improved output power, and improved data transfer rate make Bluetooth 5 mesh gateway better than Bluetooth 4.0 mesh. There is also the Bluetooth gateway mesh 4.2 which supports mesh networking.

Differences between bluetooth mesh protocol and other mesh networks

There are a few factors that distinguish the Bluetooth mesh protocol from other mesh networks (including ZigBee, Thread, and Z-Wave). They include:

• Instead of the Internet Protocol (IP), Bluetooth mesh builds its processes on BLE.
• While others employ routing techniques, Bluetooth mesh operates with a managed flooding technique.
• Although it is built on BLE and utilizes the Bluetooth brand, it is a relatively newer technology with less reputation in the market compared to others.
• Finally, the existing Bluetooth mesh standard (version 1.0) is primarily intended for lighting applications. That isn’t to suggest it won’t work in other situations; it’s just that it’s now easier for it to be applied to lighting systems.

How to deploy the bluetooth mesh gateway on Pi?

• A raspberry pi Bluetooth mesh gateway platform may be created by developing the mesh gateway on raspberry pi.
• Firstly, BLE mesh Proxy gateway code could be utilized in making a gateway node and the BLE specification enables this kind of mixed topology.
• This is only supported by the Bluetooth version starting from Bluetooth mesh 4.2. (an external BLE module may be used).
• Remote access board through SSH
• Build kernel locally on Raspberry pi (cross-compile could make process shorter).
• Create and Install the Kernel and modules.
• Verify Kernel installation.

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