Is GPS Dead? MOKOBlue’s Indoor Positioning Bluetooth Modules

Is GPS Dead? MOKOBlue’s Indoor Positioning Bluetooth Modules
Indoor Positioning Bluetooth Modules

Indoor positioning is a huge challenge for current outdoor positioning and navigation systems, which depend on satellite-based positioning that does not work indoors or on narrow streets. However, with the advent of the digital age, indoor positioning became feasible thanks to smart technologies like MOKOBlue’s indoor positioning Bluetooth modules.

How does BLE Indoor Positioning work?

1. Positioning

With BLE-based indoor positioning technology, we are able to provide indoor positioning service to users indoors without requiring a Wi-Fi access point. We use additional position data collected from multiple GPS beacons to determine the precise location of each user’s device.

2. Customized Apps

The new generation of BLE positioning services uses nearly complete location based on subscriber demographic, geographic location, and behavior patterns. These data-combining techniques are used by the top apps for navigation in consumers’ hands today.

3. Business Interface

With BLE positioning systems, you could, for example, place displays at key locations such as train stations or bus stops that would direct customers directly to your business instead of having them walk around town looking for you.

MOKOBlue’s Indoor Location Devices based on Bluetooth modules

ndoor Location Devices

Gateways. Gateways are a series of modules that integrate with the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) standard. The MOKO’s MK103 Bluetooth Gateway, as an example, is mostly used for monitoring devices that rely on BLE beacons, and tracking your position.

Bluetooth Beacons. MOKO’s BLE beacons are lightweight, low-power wireless devices that enable indoor positioning technology and sensor monitoring without antennas. For instance, check MOKO’s W3 Pro Medical Beacon.

These modules work in conjunction with a smartphone or other device to provide an instant internal tracking of the user’s location.

MOKOBlue Bluetooth Modules For Indoor Location Devices

At MOKO, we’re proud to be at the forefront of the IoT Bluetooth technology. There’s a wide range of indoor location devices that rely on these modules:

Bluetooth Modules

● MK05 nRF52810 Bluetooth Module
● MK14 nRF52805 Bluetooth Module
● MK06 nRF52811 Bluetooth Module
● MK07 nRF52833 Bluetooth Module
● MK11 TI Bluetooth CC2642 Module
MK15 RTL8762CMF Bluetooth module, etc.

Features of Bluetooth Modules of Indoor Location Devices

We offer the best Bluetooth 4.2, BLE, BLE5.0, BLE5.1 and BLE5.2 modules. Our modules are based on various series of Nordic and Texas Instrument chips. They can be adapted to various applications, including external circuitry and certification (FCC, CE, IC, RCM, MIC, RoHS certified).

Function of Bluetooth Modules for Indoor Location Devices

The functions of such a device are numerous, and they can be used in different areas throughout your home. For example, you could be able to activate a notification on your phone if someone approaches the door, or be able to track someone’s movement through the house by listening for their footsteps or the clicking of a sensor inside your room.

Why choose our Bluetooth modules for your indoor location application?

The answer is easy: You can future proof your home with an indoor location device. And MOKOBlue’s bluetooth module-based indoor devices have proven, by far, to be some of the most advanced on the market today.

Connect the Bluetooh module of MOKOBlue to your smart phone or tablet to get the location of your guest directly on the screen. Use it to find your way around your home whether it’s by following a stairway or by following the odometer on your truck. Make the inside of your home more organized by using pre-programmed paths that take you directly to where you want to be. Or you can just stick your Bluetooth module into the wall and control it from any compatible smart phone or tablet.

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