Bluetooth Modules in Smart Home

Bluetooth Modules in Smart Home
Bluetooth Modules in Smart Home

No one knows your house better than you, and we don’t want that to change. But there are countless ways to improve it and turn it into a cutting-edge smart home.

MOKOBlue has been innovating in the home technology sector for quite some time now and is confidently staying at the forefront of the connected home technology market with the launch of its latest Bluetooth modules in smart home devices.

Uses of Smart Home Devices based on Bluetooth modules

When it comes to smart home devices, MOKO’s IoT Bluetooth technology makes life changes more convenient.

These Bluetooth modules are a perfect addition to any home or office equipment. Bluetooth connectivity improves the usability of a product and allows users to control additional devices from the same smartphone or computer.

The improvements are usually seen in the user interface of smart home devices as well as the functionality. For instance, the user can control various lights with his voice control and see notifications on his phone if something important is happening in his office.

MOKOBlue Smart Home Devices with Bluetooth Modules

MOKOsmart Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) modules offer a robust performance that is easy to integrate into home devices. They are highly secure, portable, and cost-effective, completely designed to make your life easier.

Although MOKO is the most established manufacturer of Bluetooth beacons -devices that have proven to facilitate home automation and personalization, we also have other devices with high-end Bluetooth modules:

Smart Home Devices with Bluetooth Modules

● Wifi plug
● Lowaran TH sensors
● Beacon
● Panic button, etc.

MOKOBlue Smart Home Devices Bluetooth Modules

We design and manufacture Bluetooth modules for embedded applications, all of them based on nRPF52 semiconductors.

If you need a high-performance module, there is a wide variety of options. As today’s leading provider of Bluetooth IoT technology, all modules in our product range reflect state-of-the-art functionality and technology.

Bluetooth Modules

MK05 nRF52810 Bluetooth Module
● MK14 nRF52805 Bluetooth Module
MK06 nRF52811 Bluetooth Module
● MK07 nRF52833 Bluetooth Module; etc.

Features of modules of Smart Home Devices

As mentioned before, MOKO’s modules are based on Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF52 series and Texas Instruments solutions.

Bluetooth 4.2, Bluetooth 5.0, 5.1 and 5.2 modules can be adapted to various applications as they are available with everything you may need, including external circuitry and certification (FCC, CE, IC, RCM, MIC, RoHS certified).

MOKOBlue doesn’t only sell Modules. We offer customized solutions for your projects.

Function of modules for smart home devices

MOKOBlue’s BLE modules have multiple functions to satisfy any need.

● People detection
● Immediate notification to the mobile (coffee maker, open door, etc.)
● Light sensor monitoring
● Monitor the temperature rise, it will notify you in case of smoke or fire.

Why choose our module for your smart home devices?

These simple and affordable modules allow Bluetooth technology to connect and link various electronic items with devices through low-power wireless protocols.

MOKO has been at the forefront of this technology and offers you its wide variety of products that satisfy all kinds of needs.


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