The Secret of Bluetooth Modules in Building Automation

The Secret of Bluetooth Modules in Building Automation
The Secret of Bluetooth Modules in Building Automation


Most people often find it challenging to deal with the connectivity of their building automation projects using Bluetooth modules. MOKOBlue quickly solves this problem as our automation specialists and IoT fanatics assemble Bluetooth modules in building automation using microcontrollers like Raspberry Pi and Arduino. The microcontrollers that we use do not link with other devices until we allow them with connectivity. Our Bluetooth modules often give the connectivity of MOKOblue in building automation devices.
These Bluetooth modules are relatively small. Hence we easily incorporate them for use in numerous building automation microcontroller projects. And as the name suggests, Bluetooth modules use Bluetooth technology to link up with other devices. Open up a complete set of building automation possibilities from transferring simple data to remote control using the MOKOBlue Bluetooth modules.

Application of Bluetooth modules for building automation

Building automation based on the Bluetooth module targets multiple applications for the new digital end-user by rebuilding consumers’ expectations. Some of the application areas based on the Bluetooth module are;
• Controlling lighting
• Lawn and gardening management
• In smart home appliances
• Improved infotainment delivery
• Enhanced home safety and security
• Monitoring home air and water quality
• Used in smart switches, locks, and energy meters
• Ai-driven digital experiences
• In natural language-based voice assistants

This list is not in-depth and is likely to evolve and accommodate new Bluetooth building automation applications over time.

Some MOKO devices based on Bluetooth modules that can be used for building automation are;

Application of Bluetooth modules

a) MK10
b) MK02 nRF52832
c) MK04 nRF52832
d) HZX

Features and specification

Bluetooth modules for building automation are alienated over features related to security as they are open source. The features you should expect from a typical Bluetooth module for building automation are;
1. Horizontal and vertical scalability
2. Device administration
3. Capable of collecting data, visualizing, and simple analysis
4. Easily support protocols like MQTT, HTTP, and COAP
5. Integrates with other web services
6. Web-sockets APIs for real-time information flow

Why choose our Bluetooth modules

As we are at the edge of a leap in technology, the invention of new capabilities is more intimidating and promising. At MOKOBlue, we do not at once make this bound as we only take a few progressive steps forward. It is essential to ask yourself what you can do for your projects rather than what your projects can do for you when it comes to Bluetooth modules for building automation.

MOKOblue is committed to the success of its customers. We relentlessly raise the principles that we hold accountable for in the products we offer. Experts continuously improve our modules and systems as we intend to consistently provide high-quality and efficient products and services to our customers.

What are you waiting for? Contact us and get the best Bluetooth module that perfectly suits any of your building automation projects from our wide range of products.

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