How iBeacons Real Estate Are Revamping the Real Estate Industry

How iBeacons Real Estate Are Revamping the Real Estate Industry
How iBeacons Real Estate Are Revamping the Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry is no easy market to venture in. It’s a highly competitive and evolving business. For instance, the commonly used marketing avenues such as billboards, TV and radio ads, flyers, or sale signs are no longer resonating with real estate buyers as much as they used to. Consequently, as real estate agents notice their usual marketing avenues are not working on their target audience as they expected, they have to look for more effective alternatives that will allow them to reach wider audiences in the right place and at the right time. Their search always ends with a smile when they meet the iBeacons real estate technology.

More real estate agents have started to acknowledge the power of smartphones and Bluetooth in helping them market their properties. Today’s property buyers hunt their ideal homes online. They are using their smartphones to find suitable real estate agents as well as houses. Smart realtors are therefore leveraging Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to help them reach their target audiences at a larger scale.

How iBeacons Real Estate is revolutionizing the Real-Estate Industry

Bluetooth beacons are devices that can be set up in a particular location and used to send personalized messages whenever a Bluetooth-powered device enters the proximity of the Bluetooth beacon. Agents can use this technology to set up notifications that will alert a buyer when they are in proximity of a favorable property. Bluetooth beacons make “searching” for both buyers and sellers easy like a walk in the park. Sellers are easily connected with their target buyers and buyers can easily find their ideal properties near them to purchase.

iBeacon real estate is completely transforming the industry and making it easier for buyers and realtors get what they need hence creating a win-win situation for all parties involved. Here is how beacons in real estate are being used to revolutionize this industry.

1. Locating Properties that are for sale

Locating Properties that are for sale

Beacons in real estate are a vital tool in helping realtors conduct proximity marketing on their properties. They can place Bluetooth beacons in properties they intend to sell. Thus anyone passing within the proximity of the property will get a notification that the property is on sale. This way, real estate agents can push their sale signs through beacon notifications, ensuring that prospective clients will receive these messages rather than turning a blind eye to them.

They can use the same trick to notify possible buyers of open houses and trade fairs. Bluetooth beacons in an open house can be used to increase footfall to your properties. For an open house trade to be successful, you need as many potential buyers as possible to come to the open house. Beacons can help relay the logistics of an open house to prospective purchasers. Thus, more people will come in to check out the property during the open house. This can assist realtors sell out more houses.

Furthermore, using iBeacons real estate in real estate trade shows can be a great way to create more awareness of your company as they can be used to send out information to anyone attending the fair with a Bluetooth-enabled device.

Moreover, beacons can be placed in areas other than the properties that are on sale. They can be placed in real estate offices where any individuals in proximity to the office and have a Bluetooth-enabled device can get notifications on any properties the real estate agent may have on sale.

The bottom line is, iBeacons real estate technology makes it easy for sellers and real estate agents to notify potential buyers of properties that may be present in their current location.

2. Encourage Interaction with Buyers

bluetooth beacon improve engagement with Buyers in real estate

In today’s world everything is digital and so are house tours. Technology advancement has made it possible for real estate agents to record 360° virtual tours. Virtual tours use virtual reality technology to create 3D property tours which can then be showcased, or utilize iBeacon real estate technology to send the virtual tours to potential clients. This blend of VR technology and iBeacon real estate technology makes it possible for potential buyers to explore a property at the comfort of their homes or offices. Virtual tours are particularly useful for remote buyers especially during this Covid-19 era when public contact needs to be minimized.

Furthermore, Bluetooth iBeacons real estate can be used to give users more information about a property. Whenever a prospective buyer steps into a property, they are informed of all the cool amenities that are available in the house such as pools, jacuzzis, or gyms. To be honest, when the top qualities of a property are highlighted for the client to see, they are likely to get impressed and buy the house. Smart realtors know that whenever doing a presentation on a property, it’s best if you put your best foot forward.

By using iBeacon real estate technology to notify buyers of the different amenities and cool features available in a property, you can organically market a property and increase your chances of closing a deal. Even better, beacons in real estate offer indoor and outdoor navigation assistance that will guide buyers through the property.

Moreover, as you are sending notifications to users using Bluetooth beacons, you can also use them to send click-to-call notifications. This will enable them to contact you easily without having to look up your contact information.

3. Assist In Conducting Client Analysis


Monitoring your clients may not seem like such a big deal in real estate, but it may provide the advantage you need to set your real estate marketing strategy apart from the crowd, and help you sell more houses.

Agents can use Bluetooth iBeacons real estate heat sensors to track which areas probable buyers visit most. These statistics can help real estate agents plan their tours more effectively. With this information, realtors can point out the places they know clients will like best and give them the information they need. They can even go as far as using navigation Bluetooth beacons that will help guide potential buyers to the specific areas that agents know they will enjoy.

Moreover, real estate agents can also track how many people have come to each open house. This can allow them to effectively plan for the next open house. For instance, once they speculate the number of people that might attend the next open house, they will know which measures to put in place for buyers’ safety in accordance to Covid-19 rules. It is paramount for people to maintain social distance in today’s world for their own safety. Bluetooth beacons help to maintain the social distance needed to ensure anyone visiting a house especially during an open house is safe.

The Nature of the Real Estate Market as Transformed by iBeacons Real Estate Technology

The undisputable fact is that the real estate industry is transforming rapidly. iBeacon real estate technology is in action to help changing things for this particular market. Bluetooth beacons can be used in every aspect of buying and selling a property. From finding houses on sale in the areas they are looking in, getting virtual tours of a place they have never physically seen, promoting open houses and trade shows, and assisting to plan more house tours efficiently.
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