MOKO Receives UL Certification

MOKO Receives UL Certification
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Safety is at the core of MOKO as a mover and shaker in the electronics market. That’s why we recently received our UL (Underwriters Laboratory) certification, a non-profit developing sustainability, safety, and quality standards.

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What is a UL Certification?

Recognized by the Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL), UL tests, inspects and certifies the services offered by businesses and manufacturers throughout the US. It is active in many industries, all with the aim of promoting safety and assurance for customers and workers.

UL maintains over 100 different standards that are used to certify operations or products. Manufacturers can access UL’s extensive catalog of standards for reference when researching and developing their products. A certified company will include various variations of the UL, depending on their specific certification, to showcase compliance.

The fact that UL is recognized by NRTL means that it can easily uphold some of the highest standards expected by OSHA. In turn, this means that MOKO can offer customers products that meet, if not exceed, safety and quality expectations.

The UL Certification Process

Besides being costly and lengthy, the UL certification process is quite thorough. Each component of a product is taken through vigorous individual tests to ensure that it adheres to high standards of safety and durability and that its design meets the intended purpose. A lot of aspects will be tested, including testing the products for:

  • Electrical safety
  • Mechanical safety
  • Fire safety
  • Longevity
  • Durability
  • resistance

UL’s catalogs of standards ensure that both products that are currently in use and new innovative ones adhere to the safety and quality standards. Since the products are taken through tests involving adverse conditions, customers can rest assured that any product with a UL certification is safe and of high quality. In case a manufacturer has to change a design component, they will either need to use pre-certified components or undergo the recertification process.

Lastly, UL practices an ongoing safety certification process. Field representatives are sent to the company at least four times each year to ensure the certification logo is only applied to the verified products. The visits are typically unannounced, making sure that manufacturers are constantly upholding the UL standards.

What Certification Means for our Loyal Customers

The typical customer for MOKO products is faced with one challenge, trusting that the company they choose will deliver safe and high-quality products. Most of the business in our line of work is at the front line of groundbreaking innovations, from IoT products to niche electronics. Some of these products have limited online reviews.

Getting certified is MOKO’s way of showing customers that they can trust our products. UL is nationally recognized as a go-to safety certification body and widely used worldwide. The organization has been around since 1894, adapting to the times. Our certification is simply meant to give each customer some peace of mind and to reinforce the notion that we are committed to our customer’s satisfaction.

MOKO passed UL’s rigorous audits successfully. We have been committed to offering nothing but the best since 2006. Besides our UL certification, MOKO passed RoHS, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001. Our customers are our business’ lifeline; that’s why we strive to get certified and comply with these standards.

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