MOKOBlue Esp32 Gateway: All You Need to Know About It

MOKOBlue Esp32 Gateway: All You Need to Know About It
MOKOblue Esp32 Gateway

What is the esp32 gateway?

The esp32 gateway is a tracking and BLE solution with novel uses in the business and private sectors. At MOKOBlue, our vision and mission are in line with ensuring the greatest and best product and service quality for you and at the best prices. Please stick with me to discover what you need to know about the esp32 gateway and why it is ideal for you!

In esp32 gateway MQTT, the devices function to scan and detect Bluetooth low energy (BLE) and utilize the broadcast information. Any BLE devices that are close by are deciphered, and their data frames are uploaded to MQTT servers by the use of Wi-Fi.

Esp32 ble MQTT gateway ensures that your connections are secure, and it has awesome features. This provides you with the option of sending a great number of sensor messages to the cloud and analytics center. When considering esp ble MQTT gateway, MQTT stands for Message Queuing Telemetry Transport, which is awesome and best for machine-to-machine communication.


  • Above 100 meters Bluetooth scanning range,
  • 100 meters WIFI connection range
  • 150 times/s Bluetooth scanning range
  • Firmware update over the air(OTA)
  • Support MQTT protocol can access AWS IoT, Ali IoT, and standard MQTT, broker.


Hardware of esp32 gateway

The hardware used in the production of the esp32 gateway plug is mostly hardware microcontrollers. These chip microcontrollers have dual-type Bluetooth and Wi-Fi integrated into them. The hardware incorporates processors and a memory unit. In detail, the esp32 also includes an RF balun, antenna switches, power amplifier, power management modules, and so on.

Pin Mapping

Esp32 gateway chipPin Mapping of chip

Pin mapping can also be referred to as geocoding. A system can locate positions or map coordinates and record them in a database. The database could be in the cloud created for that system, and anybody with access to the control station gets relevant information. What you get when you use point mapping is a point layer giving you all entered information input into the database.

This can come in handy when the need to track an individual’s position or location in a given space. Additionally, this makes for improved management of your company’s assets because you can be sure of their positions at any given point in time. Esp32 Bluetooth gateway has made an advancement in pin mapping technology so that it is adequately optimized.


The frameworks are development environments that are used to create the ep32 gateway. Available frameworks are as follows;

  1. Arduino
  2. Espressif IoT Development Framework

Arduino is a framework that enables writing programs for cross-platform software for the management or control of connected devices. With the devices connected to a variety of Arduino boards, it is made possible to create interesting interactive objects, physical experiences, creative coding, or spaces.

Espressif IoT Development Framework is a platform used for the creation of esp32 systems. This framework ensures for regular release of the latest versions, and it supports the latest software.


  • MicroUSB connector
  • BLE, Wi-Fi connectivity
  • MicroSD card
  • Dimensions: mm depends on the product
  • CH340 USB serial converter
  • Ethernet 100Mb interface
  • ESP-IDF and Arduino built-in programmer

How BLE ESP32 Gateway Works

How Esp32 BLE gateway works

There are several products and specifications accrued to esp32. The esp32 IoT gateway and the esp32 gateway Ethernet are known to have different uses and these applications dictate the design. But overall, the working principles for BLE esp32 gateways are the same.

For these gateways to work, they must have an esp32 chip, Bluetooth wireless, and integrated Wi-Fi. Most of these products are small in size and light in weight which adds to their convenience and ease of use. And for most of these devices, MOKOBlue ensures that they undergo multiple testing and are certified.

 BLE esp32 gateways function by scanning for sensors and devices that act as beacons to gather relevant information. This information could be temperature data or geolocation information gathered by Bluetooth. This information is then uploaded or transferred to the adequate cloud servers using Wi-Fi. For up to 130m, these devices can scan and locate relevant sensors or beacons.  Additionally, some of these BLE esp32 gateways can support multiple servers.

Applications of BLE ESP32 Gateway

  1. Smart agriculture: This utilizes the function of esp32 gateways to detect temperature information on farm produce. For fruit and vegetable transportation, the temperature and humidity must be monitored to abate corruption. Therefore this is an amazing innovation in the agricultural sector that you can take advantage of.
  2. Smart energy: The use of esp32 IoT gateway for monitoring batteries and solar energy management. The Internet of Things can be very effective in realizing smart grids when transferring electric power from remote plants to where it can be utilized.
  3. Patient monitoring: In this age and time, in large hospitals and clinics with multiple patients, nurses do not have to make rounds to monitor patient’s vitals. Especially with contractible diseases more commonplace. All you need to do is place a monitor on the patient, and you can monitor their vitals from a remote location. The temperature and the blood pressure are considerably easier to observe among other vitals!
  4. Smart retail: Imagine having a huge retail store and taking correct inventory with ease. With the use of esp32 gateways, your smart retailing has never been smarter. This is done by integrating physical goods into the network information system. This way, clients can have a peek at what is available on hand and what is not, along with other relevant product information.
  5. Asset tracking: This is self-explanatory because at all times, in business or otherwise, the ability to locate assets with ease always feels great. Especially in that instance where the assets are numerous, manual searches can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. With this solution, money, time, and energy can be saved and redirected for better productivity.
  6. Indoor and outdoor location: As explained above, this is one of the primary uses for the esp32 gateway. In any given space, this solution is effective in locating people, pets, products, and even farm animals with ease. So far as you have set up your gateways and sensors for that given indoor or outdoor space, and 130m is not exceeded between either, you are golden!
  7. IoT sensor products: There are numerous products that are used to monitor multiple things with this solution. Sensors monitoring and measuring temperature, pressure, levels, humidity, proximity, and countless other changes are out there. And the esp32 gateway is a wonderful utility that you can use to monitor these changes and convert them to meaningful data.

Configuration of BLE ESP32 Gateway

To configure your esp32 microcontrollers, you will need the following items.

  1. Esp32 gateway
  2. Esp32 sensors
  3. USB flash drive
  4. An adapter/power outlet(as the case may be)
  5. An SD card
  6. Memory card reader
  7. Ethernet cable(optional)

To start, ensure that you have an account already created with MOKOBlue and have generated the application files relevant to your selected hardware. If you have not done this, go to the MOKOSBlue website and do it now!

  1. The first step is to get that gateway application setup

a) Download and install the flash tool, then copy the MOKOBlue gateway app or firmware so you can send it to your SD card.

b) Insert that SD card into your memory card reader, then plug the memory card reader into your computer

c) You then open the flash tool and flash the MOKOBlue gateway .xz file into the SD card. (Remember that you had already downloaded the file when you created your MOKOSmart app)

  1. The next step is to set up the esp32 and MOKOBlue gateway connectivity

a) Locate and open the configuration file you downloaded when you created the MOKOBlue application.

b) Include your Wi-Fi network details that you intend to connect your esp32 ble Wi-Fi gateway After this, you save the changes on the configuration file and close.

c) Insert your USB Drive into your computer and copy the edited configuration file onto it.

d) Remove the USB Drive from your system after copying the configuration file.

  1. MOKOBlue esp32 gateway hardware setup

a) Slot in the memory card into the appropriate space on the gateway

b) Please turn on the gateway after connecting It to a power source

c) Slot in the USB Drive into the USB port available on the MOKOBlue gateway

d) If you want to avail yourself of the Ethernet option, slot the Ethernet cable into the provided slot on the gateway.

  1. Organize and manage your MOKOBlue esp32 application following the setup guide provided for you. Follow the steps and program the esp32 until you complete the setup.

Esp32 gateway connect to MQTT server

Esp32 connect to MQTT server

Connecting to the server ensures that all signals received by the esp32 gateway are transferred to the required destination. In this case, the standard MQTT broker ensures that the signal information is sent to the cloud. This server ensures that your device remains connected to the network. This server ensures that a very great amount of MQTT connections are possible simultaneously!

Esp32 gateway connects to a router

esp32 gateway connect to router

To connect to your router, you must first find your router’s IP address in Wi-Fi under settings. Locate your connected network and left click/long press to manage network settings. Click on the static under the IP settings. The information you will find is the router IP address.

To connect your esp32 gateway to your router, you have to open the configuration file you downloaded when you created your MOKOBlue application. Input your router IP address and the relevant details. You will send this file to your USB Drive after you have saved and closed it. It is that USB Drive you will insert into your esp32 gateway port for you to connect to your router.

How to set MK110 esp32 gateway via MOKOBlue Snanner

Moko scanner is a communication software for integrating your esp32 ble gateway. You can also use this MOKO scanner app to set up the MK110 gateway. The MK110 can discover BLE devices that are close and gather data to be uploaded to the cloud.

To set up the MK110 gateway using this app, all you need to do is install the app and open it. On opening the application, you will see the name of the gateway provided it is connected to a power source. To add this new MK110 gateway, click on “add devices” and push the scan button. You will be able to see the time it takes to scan and the total number of scanned devices. Then click on it to add that particular device. A pop-up box will surface, which will tell you that your connection is underway at that instant. You are advised to allow your device to be as close to the router and gateway as possible.


To upload your esp32 gateway board, all you need to do is go to the “Tools” option in your settings. From here, a list will be provided for you when you select the “board” option. When you select board, a list of different board types is available; just select the name of the type of esp32 board you have. Once you’ve clicked on the esp32 board you are using, then you go-to tools. From tools, click on the port option and a COM port that shows available. From here, all you need is to press the upload box.

Esp32 gateway Flash layout

Esp32 USB format

Esp32 Doownload tool

When you successfully download the esp32 gateway app, a file is concurrently downloaded along with the application. That file is a partition table, and it is flashed in a binary format to the esp32. In essence, this is a menu configuration that helps you create your application or run it optimally.

The flash layout contains functionalities related to writing, erasing, reading, and memory mapping for relevant data that you sent into the USB flash drive. The file component you flash into the USB Drive is a higher-level API function that utilizes partitions that are highlighted in the partition table. The flash tool utilized is the CP2102 USB to TTL module, ESPFlashDownloadTool_v3.6.4.

Final thoughts

To conclude, the uses and benefits of utilizing the esp32 gateway cannot be overemphasized. Taking up the use of this solution will go a long way in improving all the processes you apply it to. Regular updates are incorporated daily, and research on how to better improve this solution is rolling out. Adopt this solution now and never regret it!

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