What is a BLE Gateway?

What is a BLE Gateway?
Ble Gateway

A Ble gateway is a low-power device that connects smart devices to Bluetooth-based products when nearby. It enables one to transmit information from Bluetooth devices to the cloud. These devices can either be sensors or Ble beacons. When using it, you don’t have to alter anything when transmitting data.

Using this device, you can connect your Bluetooth-based products to external hardware like a speaker. For instance, you can install Ble gateways in your office premises so that you get notifications or answer your calls through the portable speaker anytime your phone rings and you’re not around.

How Does Ble Gateway Work?

For a Ble gateway to work, you need to connect or pair Bluetooth-enabled gadgets to it. This pairing allows the gateway to transmit data from the connected device to the cloud.

Once this information gets to the cloud server, it registers the connected Bluetooth device instantly. Then the Bluetooth low energy gateway begins to scan for any nearby Bluetooth devices. The moment it finds a device within its range, it gathers all the information, including its features.

It then starts to decode all HTTPS requests from the cached data. It then uses that information, for instance, the device characteristics, to respond to those requests. Sometimes, the HTTPS requests may concern the real data of the connected Bluetooth device. In this case, it will automatically connect to the Bluetooth device and gather the information needed.

How BLE gateway works

Features of Ble Gateway

  1. It uses low energy; hence its battery’s lifespan is up to 60 months.
  2. It can function perfectly in areas with a harsh environment, as it’s not affected by weather conditions.
  3. It is durable. However, if it becomes faulty, its spare parts are readily available and at a low cost.
  4. It’s cost-effective. The setup cost is relatively low as compared to some internet of things offerings.
  5. It can transmit data via GSM, though not all the time.
  6. This gateway operates well with Ble 5.0.
  7. It supports various protocols, for instance, MQTT and HTTPS/HTTP.
  8. It offers various security features like locking. This will always require you to unlock with a password anytime the device wants to connect to Bluetooth. This ensures your device is secure.
  9. It can connect devices through Ethernet and WIFI.
  10. It offers bi-directional communication, which means it can send or receive information.
  11. It allows communication to take place between Bluetooth-enabled devices without wires.

Ble Gateway and Bluetooth Gateway

The Bluetooth low energy gateway and Bluetooth gateway are all advancements of the internet of things technology. Sometimes people use them interchangeably. However, this is not always the case. Although they may perform some similar tasks, they were designed differently and for different purposes.


  1. They perform IoT functions, for instance, machine-to-machine communication.
  2. They use wireless headsets.
  3. Their speakers are wireless.
  4. They allow data transfer between smart devices.


  1. Ble gateways use Bluetooth 4.0, which consumes low power as compared to Bluetooth gateways. Its battery lifespan is about four to five years.
  2. Bluetooth gateway devices can stream a lot of data continuously, while Ble gateway can only support the transmission of small amounts of data between devices periodically.
  3. Unlike Bluetooth gateway, Ble gateway is always on sleep mode unless you instigate a connection.
  4. To connect a Ble gateway, you only take a few mS, unlike in Bluetooth gateway where you can spend around 100mS.
  5. Ble gateway is cheaper to install than Bluetooth gateway.

Ble Gateway Latest Models

With the development of BLE gateway technology, there are more and more related products. Many companies have joined the feast, and MOKOBlue is one of the outstanding representatives

 Ble Wifi Gateway

MOKOBlue MKGW1-BW Bluetooth Gateway

With the technological advancements in the internet of things, there is a need to enhance your internet connection. This is where Ble WIFI gateway comes in handy. You cannot compare its performance in terms of network connection to other devices. Generally, it connects easily to the internet and at high speed. It controls who, where, what, and when they can access the internet.


  • This equipment is reliable as it connects easily to the network.
  • It also allows easier control of the network.
  • It’s scalable and can extend its coverage depending on the needs.
  • It makes the management of access points easy as it controls them from a centralized point.
  • It’s among the most reliable and secure wireless networks due to its network management system.

 Bluetooth Gateway esp32

MOKOBlue MK103 Bluetooth Gateway

Bluetooth gateway esp32 is a dual-mode, cost-effective system that operates on a chip (SOC) series. It supports both Bluetooth low energy and WIFI communication. It has power-saving features, which enables it to consume low power. These features include;

  • Vibrant power scaling
  • Various power modes
  • Fine resolution clock gating

This device is convenient for people to use wherever they are as it’s portable. It is small in size and lighter than most IoT devices. It has a stable signal; hence reliable even in remote locations.

Bluetooth gateway esp32 supports communication between the following;

  • Internet of things devices
  • Wearable electronics like headphones
  • Mobile devices

Other Bluetooth gateway esp32 components include;

  • Inbuilt power amplifier
  • Has antenna switches
  • Filters
  • Power management modules
  • Low-noise receive amplifiers

 Ble & WIFI/ETH Gateway

This device is a Ble 5.0 to WIFI/Ethernet network gateway. It doesn’t require smart devices or apps to operate. It works by gathering information from various Ble devices like Eddystone, iBeacon, and Ble sensor and then transmits it to a local cloud server.

This Ble to WIFI gateway transmits data by MQTT over HTTPS/TLS protocol over WIFI.

 WIFI to Ble 5.0 IoT Gateway

This type of gateway transmits information to one of the many nodes in Bluetooth SIG Mesh or other meshes. The data it sends is from the cloud server. This WIFI Ble gateway has two types;

  • BWG832F
  • BWG832X

The more cost-effective of the two Ble IoT gateways is BWG832F, which has two main components. These are;

  • An ESP8266 WiFi module
  • A BlueNor Bluetooth 5 module, which is BT832F

 Ble MQTT Gateway

This is a low-energy gateway that helps relay messages between a cloud server and sensors through Bluetooth. Once it connects to Bluetooth, it gets information from Bluetooth-based devices or sensors and then converts it into MQTT before sending it to the MQTT broker. It can also transfer this information to any IoT device available. An example of this gateway is Ble MQTT gateway esp32.

 POE Ble Gateway

POE Ble gateway is a module that operates through Power over Ethernet technology to transmit data to Bluetooth-enabled devices through the network. It uses low voltage power during operation.

 Ble 5.0 Gateway

Ble 5.0 gateway is a Bluetooth low-energy to WIFI gateway. For it to work flawlessly, you should connect it to WIFI. It operates on three wireless protocols, which are WIFI, Ethernet, and Ble. It can cover a distance of approximately 1000m. Ble 5.1 gateway is an improvement of Ble 5 gateway and covers a larger area.

 Ble 5 LTE Gateway

This is a multipurpose gateway that can perform many Ble 5 functions. It covers a long-range distance and operates at a very high speed. These LTE gateway specifications make them ideal for automotive sectors and smart home automation.

Applications of Ble Gateway

There are many application scenarios of Bluetooth gateway, and the direct link of various intelligent devices is to use it. A mature gateway (like MOKOBlue Bluetooth gateway) acquisition is also very important to us.

Applications of BLE gateway

 Employee Management

It can be very challenging to manage and monitor employees in large businesses. Knowing where all workers are and what they are doing was almost impossible without technological advancement in the internet of things.

However, with It technology, personnel management is a no-brainer. The managers can provide every employee with a nametag with a beacon embedded in it. These beacons will be transmitting information all the time about their location. This becomes easy to manage and monitor employees.

 Transport and Logistics

The movement of goods from one place to another is unavoidable in a business setting. In the process, some goods get damaged, and some are stolen. it is helping in minimizing such cases.

By placing beacons on your products and vehicles, you can monitor their every movement and know when they get to their destination.

 Environmental Monitoring

It can help you monitor the weather of a place. Depending on how the sensors are set, they can send notifications to the gateway anytime the weather changes. You can then receive this information through any internet of things device or cloud.

 Proximity Marketing

Proximity marketing enables clients to have the best buying experience. This can help increase your sales. What you need to do, is to deploy beacons at every corner of your business premises.

Once a client visits the store and is near the beacon, the sensors can send the notification to the gateway, transmitting that dedicated message to the customer. This can even lead to impulse buying by the consumer, hence increasing your sales.


A Ble gateway is a device that enables one to transmit information from any nearby Bluetooth device to the cloud without altering anything. These devices can either be sensors or Ble beacons. It works by sending data from any Bluetooth-connected device to the cloud server.

Ble gateway is cost-effective and uses low energy. It is applied in businesses to manage employees and assets. It can also help in monitoring the transportation of goods to the suppliers.

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