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Why Use Panic Alarm System?

Why Use Panic Alarm System?
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    On the news, we can always see reports about campus violence, bank hijacking, indoor burglary, lone elder die for months at home,etc. Making emergency calls manually is no longer enough because the phone may not be carried and calls are sometimes not allowed. By contrast, panic Button devices, which can trigger a panic alarm system with one click, are a better option for getting emergency help. Mokoblue focuses on Internet of Things solutions. SOS panic button with Bluetooth and LoRaWAN allow users to manage security systems.

    What is panic alarm beacon?

    Panic button may not be a term you’re familiar with, but it’s also an emerging electronic device commonly used to trigger an alarm device in the event of an emergency in which a person or property is threatened. It can be used as a separate alarm device, or as a function attached to other electronic devices, in a variety of forms, using a variety of technologies. Panic alarm system consists of panic buttons and communication systems. When the alarm button is released, a warning message will be sent to the background. Our panic beacon can be set to the mode of motor and buzz to issue a warning, adapting to different occasions. In addition, we have added the monitoring function. When the device is connected, the user can trigger the button to report the signal, and the related management personnel in the background will analyze the collected information and make corresponding arrangements. About the specific use of panic button, please read on.

    Kinds of panic button alarm system

    Alarm button system has several settings, of which the most commonly used are siren alarm and silent alarm. You can trigger red button with different settings in different application scenarios.

    Siren alarm
    When the wireless alarm device is triggered, it will sound a loud alarm, which can deter real time offenders or burglars, because they will fear that the siren will attract owners or neighbors. Alarm panic button device is also often combined with the 3 axis accelerometer. When a person wearing an alarm device is detected standing still or falling for a long time, the panic alarm will be triggered, and the loud horn may also wake up the person who has passed out.

    Silent alarm
    Every coin has two sides, honking brings some good as well as some bad. For example, when a user is hijacked, a loud alarm may also irritate the bad guys and make the situation worse. So, for the user’s protection, silent alarms can unknowingly call for emergency help.

    Who need panic alarm system?

    Personal security
    There are so many different kinds of people in this society, you never know when you will be targeted by the bad guys. You may need urgent help when you’re in a strange city or walking alone through a dark alley at night. You can wear the B1 personal panic alarm, and by triggering the red panic button, a distress message will be sent directly to the mobile device or computer of the person who has volunteered to help you, along with a built-in location function that enables your location to be sent. This will buy time to save the search and avoid the loss of contact.

    Medical emergency
    In addition to the threat to your personal safety, you or an elderly person who is alone may have a sudden illness that prevents you from calling an ambulance. Such as cerebral infarction, hand injury and so on. The wearer of the emergency alarm device simply presses a red panic alarm button to send a distress message.

    Your loved ones’ Security
    It’s difficult to taking care of kids and elders while devoting themselves in work,but it gets easier when they can track the location of both of them and receive their messages for help in the first place.

    The transporters’ Security
    When one of your families is involved in long-distance transportation, you might get nervous for them. From time to time, news agencies report accidents in remote places caused by tired drivers, lost vehicles, or drivers in trouble but unable to send out a distress signal. GPS and 3 axis accelerometer allow families and authorities to raise the alarm when a driver is stationary or speeding, finding the driver’s location in real time. This feature, on the other hand, can also monitor driver efficiency and reduce work slowdowns.

    The experts’ Security
    Those who working in public,especially in high-risk industry tend to face some unexpected danger. For example, fireman, police, spy,security custody, construction workers and bank personnel,etc. There’s usually no much time for them to ask for help,that’s why a security panic button which can connect to security system can assure them access the instant aid.

    The experts’ Security

    Where should the panic alarm system be installed?

    The emergency device can be worn on the body, allowing you to use it anywhere outside. It can also be placed in any corner of the house, preferably in a hidden place that you often touch.
    You can install panic button Devices in the following places:

    • Wear on your neck
    • On the night table
    • Beside the door
    • In the house where restore all your treasure
    • It’s worth mentioning that the B1’s built-in water resistance even allows users to install it in the bathroom.

    You need to be familiar with where you have your panic alarm button installed and make sure you can reach it when you need help. In addition, it is important to know how to operate and activate setting as per different circumstances.

    Where should the panic alarm system be installed

    Why should you use our Bluetooth panic alarm system?

    If you’re considering investing in and expanding panic alarm system, you already know what features are essential to an alarm system. As a leading IoT solution provider and manufacturer, MokoBlue also has some selling points that can solve your pain points.

    Easy to use

    Our B1 Panic button is on the trigger and can be reported to the security platform in just a few seconds. In addition, a simple application and intuitive interface allow you to effectively monitor and react accordingly.


    Perhaps the most advanced feature of some panic button apps is their monitoring capabilities. Sophisticated employee security monitoring solutions include threat monitoring services that use intelligence from trusted sources and are reviewed by analysts to alert you and your employees before you encounter a danger. These monitoring centers can augment your own emergency response team and call emergency services on behalf of the alerter, and help is available around the clock.

    Hands-free operation

    There are a lot of situations that can put you in a dangerous situation, or even make you unable to move and ask for help. A hands-free phone can alert the monitoring center to keep an eye on the wearer of the Button and respond quickly. This function can be used not only for people who need help, but also for monitoring the patient’s medication status. When the user does not report the time of taking medicine, the system will automatically trigger an alarm.

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