Bluetooth Mesh Modules On A Budget

Bluetooth Mesh Modules On A Budget
Bluetooth Mesh Modules On A Budget


The first Bluetooth mesh modules were built in July 2017. It was made explicitly to improve the Bluetooth networks range and enhance support for various industrial applications that use Bluetooth Low Energy.

Initially, only two different topologies were supported by all versions of Bluetooth:

  • One-to-one: Involved connecting two BLE devices.
  • One-to-many: Involved in the operation of BLE devices solely in the Broadcast state, like Beacons.

With a Bluetooth mesh module from MOKOBlue, BLE now has a new topology. Your devices can now fully function in a mesh using a many-to-many topology. You can now set up the device’s connections with many other devices contained by the network.


How do Bluetooth mesh modules work?

Bluetooth mesh uses the Flood network to operate. In this network, the nodes positively transmit messages, either using controlled flooding or uncontrolled flooding.

How Bluetooth mesh modules work

When transmitting messages by controlled flooding, every node is responsible for transmitting and receiving data. In uncontrolled flooding, similar messages are sent unconditionally to every node and all its neighbors. The Bluetooth Mesh uses a message cache to prevent transmission of similar or recently relayed messages. Some of the Bluetooth mesh 5.0 modules available at MOKOBlue are;

MOKOBlue Bluetooth mesh


  • MK08 nRF52840
  • MK07 nRF52833
  • MK02 nRF52832
  • MK04 nRF52820

Features of Bluetooth mesh modules

Ultra-Low Power Consumption

Bluetooth mesh modules have power scaling features and dynamic power modes. Hence, they are efficiently used in mobile devices and on the internet of things since they consume low power.

Has Both WI-FI and Bluetooth Chips

Most Bluetooth mesh module has SDIO and SPI crossing points to offer WI-FI and Bluetooth roles. As they can be applied in multiple applications, these Bluetooth mesh module are built to work as a standalone system.

Bluetooth dual audio

Bluetooth mesh modules can be connected to a source using more than one audio device. Using the Bluetooth mesh 5 module, you can easily link two speakers or two headsets to your PC.

It has a Strong design

Most Bluetooth mesh module perform excellently in industrial surroundings under the temperature range of between –40°C to +125°C.

Specifications of Bluetooth mesh module

  • Arm Cortex-MWW application processor of 128/64 MHz with 512 KB RAM and 1 MB Flash
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Comprehensive operating temperature of 105 °C
  • Bluetooth Direction Finding
  • Antenna switches
  • Supply voltage range at 1.7-5.5 V
  • Low noise power amplifiers
  • Advanced security

Functions of Bluetooth modules for Bluetooth mesh

With Bluetooth mesh, it becomes easy to create large-scale device networks. Bluetooth mesh is superlatively used to govern, monitor, and automate systems that require numerous devices to transmit information with each other. It is strictly designed to meet outstanding performance, security, and consistency in industrial and commercial settings. Also, the Bluetooth mesh has been rapidly embraced by the advanced control of commercial.

Reasons why MOKOBlue Bluetooth modules are the best for your Bluetooth mesh?

At MOKOBlue, we have the best Bluetooth modules for your Bluetooth mesh. Once you purchase any of our Bluetooth modules, we make sure that we strictly enforce the best services to all our clients. We have a team that continually educates our clients on using and installing Bluetooth modules whenever they buy from us. At MOKOBlue, we got your back!

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